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By IdeasMen123
#104954 A simple story. Books are a big thing in my hobbys, and they soon grab you and inspire you to make your own books/storys.
So I made this simple story, inspired by the Eragon series, The Hobbit, and The Lord of The Rings series. MY IGN is Karateboy223 btw.

Into The World: Chapter 1: The Start
My mother and father have just left in search of trade men in the village called Volcan, buying whatever they can of our months worth money. So I decided to roam the forest again. People say that I have a over grown curiosity for the world, for Earth. But really I feel like everybody else, normal. As I started walking on the rough, dirt road. I heard a tiny noise, like a windy bush, I heard no nearer then four feet in front of me. I readied my pocket knife for any danger, but after a whole minute, it was silent. I did not move, of course, in fear that that's what the enemy anticipated me to do, to loose cautiousness. However all trace of "enemy" left my thoughts when a little squirl popped out of the bush. It sniffed the ground, and looked up at me, twitching it's little nose. I smiled, put my pocket knife away, and kept walking. After hours roaming the forest, I headed home where my mother was, looking red faced on the porch. She had her hands covering her face, crying. She looked up at me when my footsteps were obviously heard-able, saw my concerned face, and said "Oh Matthew." And told me everything. That was the day when I declared the world has finally betrayed me, taking my fathers life away was when I finally saw the world of how it was, instead of how I "thought" it was. The tragedy went on in my thoughts and dreams, how a man came up to my father and gave him a beaten, of course not without facing my fathers excellent fighting skills. However he was no match to the man who supposedly killed him, as I was told with all the people telling me tons of details about the fight. The murderer dragged my father body away, whether dead or unconscious, and vanished. He was at a bakery, only he and the baker were there, until of course the murderer came along. No one knew why he took my father away, but the baker said the man wanted his "blood" is what the murderer kept screaming.

Into The World: Chapter 2: 1 Year Later
But it only got worse. I was eating a bowl of soup at the families table, my poor little brother on the other side, having a war with his food instead of it's main purpose.He looked a lot like me, mother always said, with nice brown hair and beautiful blue eyes, although I always see my eyes rather darker and wolf like then my brothers bright blue eyes. My mother suddenly comes into the small area."We're low on money" Mother said. I stopped my hungry eating and looked her in the eye."How much money do we have left?"She thought for a few good minutes and went back to looking me in the eyes. Her long thick black hair was dirtier today, and her tanned skin was muddy. But she was very beautiful nonetheless. Her beauty doesn't go unnoticed in the village of course, I see the way men look at her, and it makes me pull out my knife to sharpen it or stare at them with dead, warning eyes."We have enough for a week"Mother said. There was a long silence."Since you're now 16, I think you should go into the village now and buy the food" She drops a few coins into my hands. I stare at them, taking in the final shape of the world. Mother gives me a encouraging big hug. "Everything will be alright" She says finally. We were forced to sell all our animals, and since father died a year ago, keeping the farm up and supplying us with food was difficult. The worse time of the year was in Winter, where we have to savor a lot of our food. We already deserted some of the farm, we can't keep up on the crops and the winter and storms. Once we had a surplus of food, and now we're poor, with very little food. "I'll be back soon" I said. And left the house.

Into The World: Chapter 3: The Mysterious Man
Volcan is not really a big village compared to the others around us. There's never really any fighting or ambushes, due to the great mountains that protect us and hide us from the world outside. But that doesn't change the fact of how crowded it was. There's always people talking, always story tellers telling stories of fierce dragons and brave knights and magic, always sellers making bargains with trade men, and I just love it all. Coming into the bakery was like breathing in Heaven. A warm, sweet bread smell snaked up my nostril when I opened the door. A big, heavy man came from the Bakery's back room, and greeted me. "Well helloooo there! What can I get for you young lad? Buying or just looking?" He said with a jolly voice. I reached for the coins in my pocket and set some of them on the table "I'm buying, and I'm looking for your finest bread" I said in a serious and bold voice, as if challenging the good taste of his bread. The big man laughed, a big laugh "You're quite the lad aren't yah?" He went back again to make a fresh patch of his so called "finest bread" still laughing and muttering about young men spirits. After getting bread, meat, and some milk, I decided it was time to head home. My muscles were aching though, and my legs felt like they were going to fall apart any moment now. I quickly speed-walked to a nearby wagon and plopped all the food onto it, hopping that the owner of it wouldn't mind. "I can't do this" I groaned. I bought way to much that I could carry, and getting home will be more complicated now. I took half of the food and then took a blanket from my sack and toppled it over the rest of the food, hopping it will go unnoticed till I get back."Need some help boy?" I spun around, only to see a rough looking man. He had a black mustache with a short beard. And when he smiled he showed six golden teeth. Without answering his offer, he past me and grabbed the food under the blanket. I quickly dropped the food on the ground and pulled out my knife. "What do you think you're doing?" I said nervously. He looked back at me, grinned, and said "I'm only helpin' mate, my name is Jack by the way, now where do yah live?"Now he was walking past me but looked to me for directions."So?" He said curiously. I sighed and put my knife back in it's place and picked my food up again. We awkwardly walked to the entrance of Volcan, heading back to my house. It was almost dark, and I promised mother I'd be back before nightfall. So I walked a little faster which made Jack forced to walk faster as well, to not trail behind, of course. We finally made it back to my house in under about 15 minutes."Well good day-er night, mate" He said. He dropped the half food on the porch, and rushed back to the village. I cursed under my breath for the man letting the food down on the hard wooden floor and leaving so quickly instead of helping carrying the load into the house. Mother opened the door for me with a stunned face. "Matthew, where's the food?" She said nervously. I looked at her, confused "um...what do you mean, it's right h-" Once, the food in my hands, had suddenly disappeared. "What??!?! I-I could of sworn-" But before I could finish, my mother knelt down and cried. And I finally realized what happened, that man used magic on me the whole time I was there in the village.

Into The World: Chapter 4: The Attack
I finally decided that Jack somehow made me think I was buying all that food, and that when he trapped me in my own thoughts, he pick-pocketed me and took all my money. The thought of this threw me in rage "How could he possibly have done all that?" I said to myself one day. So the day after Jack stole all my money, I searched the whole village for hours trying to find him, but I guessed he was already long gone. I decided to go to Joe's house. Joe is a blacksmith who lives in the middle of Volcan, he is a tall man with bulk muscles due to the hard work in the forge, and has a strong face with a beard, he didn't look handsome nor ugly. He is...or was a good friend with my father, and sometimes talked with my mother.. "Matthew, is that you? Quickly quickly, come inside!" He said when he opened the door. So we sat in his living room and I told him the whole story, the whole time when I was telling what happened he listened very quietly, and asked few questions. "Wow! A actual wizard came here!" Joe said with amazement. "There must be a reason of course...But why would a wizard steal so much food? He should be wealthy and treated with loyalty as magic is such a powerful gift and is very very rare, a wizard shouldn't worry about food" Then Joe's voice grew dark "Or he's here for someone" Then the room was silent for a whole 5 minutes that seemed like hours. "If you're wanting to find him, then you'll need help, I could be an assistance, I might be a blacksmith, but I have experience with these types of situations" Joe said as if he was reading my thoughts.Before I could question what he meant about him having experience with this type of situation, Joe got up from the couch and made a stretching groan [color=#8000FF]"It is time for me to depart" he said."You must help me find this wizard" Matthew said. Joe looked at me in concern "It won't be easy, not unless we have weapons of course, this type of situation requires stealth and preparation" I grabbed my knife out of my pocket, "I have this, and I am good with the sword" Matthew said. Joe nodded, amused. "It'll take more then a knife to kill a wizard, wizards are powerful, they can blow your head off your body with the flick of their wrist" Joe warned. "Really?"I said, slowly putting my knife back into my pocket. "Well it depends how good they're of a wizard, it takes years to get the hang of magic, and few ever succeed becoming a master of it, but this wizard, it's hard to decide, but I'm guessing he's good" Matthew sank back into the chair "But he could control me for hours when I was in the village, so he must be a master!" Matthew protested. Joe laughed again and said "Though it seems you have, you were probably only in the village for a couple of minutes, and then went home, magic can trick the mind you know. Will begin hunting him tomorrow, it's late and you need your rest, come back and I will lend you one of my swords, and will track him tomorrow" I was pondering all the new information I have learned on my way home.I will tell mother none of this, nor speak of this to anyone except for Joe I thought, then I re-thought what I said, and nodded. The sky was now mostly black, with a hint of orange on the horizon, at this time I jogged home. But then, suddenly, I slammed into a big force right in front of me, like a invisible wall. The impact knocked me back and left me with a bloody noise. Then I heard a voice, it was laughter, "Hello again, mate" The voice said, then a image appeared in front of me, looking down at me. It was hard seeing his face, but I knew who it was, it was the man who robbed me, Jack.

Into The World: Chapter 5: Magic Sensation
I quickly got back up and drew my knife out of my pocket, readying it very cautiously for any "wizardly" attacks, "You!!!!!!" I roared. He chuckled "Yes me! You were a fool for ever trusting me anyways, but that was never the reason why I ever followed you in the first place" He flicked his wrist and I immediately flew back again, landing hard onto the dirt road. I groaned and got back up, weakly. He sneered "But the Master wants you alive, sadly, the blood in your veins will be his! So...You're coming with me" He raised his hands up to the sky and started enchanting words, I started to feel my body tighten and slowly come together, I tried to move my muscles but they wouldn't budge. He's trying to crush me!. Soon I fell to my knees with my arms close to my body and my head down, I couldn't even cry. A mystical powder started to flow around me and my body started to dissolve, as with Jack's. This was it, I was done for...this is the end. But then suddenly came a arrow whizzing pass my ear making a sharp whoosh sound, the arrow went pass me and into Jack's left shoulder. He howled painfully and suddenly all the pain stopped and the mystical powder vanished."Not so fast, Jack" A voice said behind me. It was Joe, he had a bow in his hand, with a arrow ready. I slowly got up and went beside Joe with my knife gripped tightly then ever, daring to throw it at Jack and killing him with full determination of success. "You will all burn from Masters wrath!" He said, clutching his left shoulder. He turned around, staring at my house, and smiled. Joe and I didn't know what he was planning to do, but we didn't think twice before thrusting my knife and Joe shooting a arrow towards Jack, but it was to late...Jack already quickly cast a spell on my house, forcing a giant fire on top of the roof and crawling it's way to the bottom."NOOOO!" I screamed, and threw myself at Jack, determined to kill him with my knife. But Jack had already disappeared in an instant and I landed hard on the rough dirt. I never wanted to get up, nor was I willing to. All I did was lay there and cry out my eyes till the night went to day.

Into The World: Chapter 6: On The Road:
I couldn't bare the sight seeing my house burn in the distance...my baby brother and mother most likely trapped inside...tears ran down my cheeks once again and I trembled to the ground and screamed and cried out onto the lonely road. "Why!!!" I said. Joe kept his distance, but after about 7 minute, he spoke "We...we need to go back to my house, Matthew...it's...it-it's not safe" Joe said as if he was trying to gulp a giant golf ball. I could tell he was fighting back tears as well. At Joe's house, we sat by the fire in silence. Joe lived alone, as far as I know, he was always alone. I looked down, at my feet, staring at them for a long time. "I followed you back home, just to be sure you were safe...but Matthew, I am so sorry" He was staring at me with encouraging eyes but with a hint of fear. "Did you know him? You said his name when you shot the arrow...were you guys...friends?" I said. Joe was silent for a minute, then coughed and said "I knew Jack when I was only 9 years old, we were friends, buddies, and did everything together...Then one year, while we were sitting under a tree, a band of crooks killed his family and took everything he owned. When Jack found out, he was thrown into rage, we were 17 by then, and Jack's goal was to only find and kill the band of crooks. So Jack went to The Stone Tower, a powerful and dangerous place controlled by evil wizards and sorcerers, they call themselves Blood Hunters, and their leader is Lord Fearage, a powerful and most dangerous enemy to all who oppose him...So Jack went there and they promised he would get his revenge if Jack swore in Oath to do whatever Lord Fearage wanted. After Jack swore in oath and committed his life to serve Lord Fearage, Jack became a wizard, then got vengeance on the ones who killed his family and avenged his families death, Lord Fearage made Jack a trusty right hand servant seeing his absolute quality he showed and power, Jack's mind was erased and replaced with the only desire to kill and serve to Lord Fearage..." Joe gulped "I don't know why Jack wants your blood, but he will come again, so we will leave the village and go to Pixe in a couple of days, right now I want to teach you more of the sword and bow...you're in grave danger right now, Matthew" The room fell silent again, and then I got up "Where may I sleep?" I said weakly. "In the guest room up stairs, if you need anything Matthew, just tell me" I walked up the stairs slowly and plopped onto the guest bed, and then I cried.

Into The World: Chapter 7: Training
"Get up, get up! We don't got all day you scurvy dog, get up!" The loud booming voice shouted beside my bed. "Gah! Why can't I have any sleep?" I groaned. "Because people wanna kill yah, that's why, now hurry downstairs" The two ate a quick breakfast and went outside into the grass, although it was just sunrise, the day was beautiful. Joe has grabbed a bunch of material for the first day of training, lots of swords, bows, and some armor. "Pull out your knife, let me see it" Joe asked eagerly. I placed the sharp knife into Joe's big, rough hands, the knife wasn't that great, even though I sharpen it everyday, it was still not impressive to all the knives Joe has. "It is good" Joe said, surprising me, "I thought you would think it was bad, I mean, yours are far better then mine." Joe was now striking imaginary targets in the air with the knife, "It is quick, sharp, and that's all you ever need for a knife" Joe handed it back to me, "But now, are you ready to really use it?" Joe's booming voice shouted, "Yes!" My rage coming back. Then my thoughts all came back, "But won't we hurt each-other?" Joe shifted uneasy, "I have this potion that some guy gave to me...Although I don't know if it's safe to use, nor if it will work, it's suppose to make something not ever harm anyone, I will apply the potion onto both of our weapons, and if all goes well, we should not even feel a scratch." Joe pulled out a bottle of mystical purple liquid, and placed three drops on each of our knives. "Are you ready?!" Joe boomed. "Yes!!!!" I lost it there, I do not know what happened, but in that second, that very quick second, something awe covered me and took over me. Suddenly Matthew's blue eye's turned even bluer, rage formed inside of them and a blast of gold lightning blast through his hands towards Joe. The impact was so great it flew Joe across the field of grass, making him hit hard into a cobblestone house, knocking him out.

If I get a lot of positive responses and positive votes on the poll, I'll continue this! This is not Minecraft related btw.
By 1Charak2
#105144 When gandalf Saw this He stopped the haters Passing

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By IdeasMen123
#105185 Wow, thank you so much! Of course, future chapters will have more action and stuff. Mainly getting to the basic idea of the whole story.
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By IdeasMen123
#106175 lol alright cool! Guessing you liked the story so far!
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#106555 keep on writing it ideas men its epic

And so gandalf agrees