By Waterboyr
#88464 Granted but it eats you. (Nothing is probably the name of something and you can;t wish for nothing or you'd live in an endless loop of reality and end up floating in the twilight zone being tortured forever.
By Blaze150
#92424 so water i'm guessing your wish is that vespirs is living in an endless loop of reality and end up floating in the twilight zone being tortured forever?
If thats so granted but she draws you in with her.
ok i wish that they end up adding more mega evo's in gen 7
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By Blaster
#92429 Granted, but they only add Mega Magikarp
I wish people stopped drawing realistic Pokémon as nightmare fuel
By Blaze150
#92442 granted but then pokemon start drawing cute anime people to mess up the minds of other pokemon
i wish i could meet JIM (for those of you who don't know Jim is the god for the server Justiscraft and he is an almighty shiny magikarp)
By Waterboyr
#92764 Granted but he turns into a magikarp and so do you and YOU CAN'T EVOLVE and your still in the real world so you'll be a defenseless monster and you can only learn splash not even tackle.

I wish I could see these wishes come true but none of them actually happening.
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By Rzxa
#92772 Granted
But you died after doing so

I wish I get to see awesome things like robots, spy's or something irl
By Lifegrasp180
#92821 Granted
but the robot's are constantly hunting you down to kill you. and the spy's mission is to take you in for extremely painful interrogation.

I wish that i could gain the ability to either A.walk into videogames and play them out like real life. or B. be able to take things out of videogames. (the Mastersword, pokemon, and whatnot.)
By Waterboyr
#92837 Granted but every video game becomes twisted and all danger is completely real too. And when you take them out they are demon-like (Gengar would torture you and shrink you and put a dress on you, for Pickachu you'd become a tick in his fur and grow legs, etc. Call of duty you'd be the helicopter. Or a crate. Still would be cool thought to me to be a tick or flea on pickachu and Gengar shrinking me and using me as a play thing. Well I'd like to experience those things but go back Idk am I the only one? Cause it'd be funny or to be the fattest guy in the world and switch... Okay I'm getting off-topic lol.

I wish I could switch to those things and stuff whenever I like. Like be the fattest person in the world, be shrunken and eaten by mewtwo (saw in a comic once), or etc.
By Lifegrasp180
#92839 Granted
but when you were fat you could no longer move and experience the joys of being fat. (the whole "eaten by mewtwo" thing is corrupted in it's own way.)

I wish that i had the same abilities as Green Lantern (the comicbook hero, not an actual green lantern)