By Waterboyr
#84207 Granted but they all have catches and ruin your life.
I wish this wish will never be corrupted by anyone when someone wishes it no matter what someone says and does: I wish Pokémon exist
By Waterboyr
#85654 Granted but my face was hurt and they restored it just like new but you wished it before it was restored so it's distorted and terrible and blood and you look like the nightmare on elm street.
I wish for super powers.
By igzoz
#86025 Granted but your super powers only work if you hibernate for over 100 years.

I wish cats ruled the world!
By Waterboyr
#86030 Granted but dogs rebel and eat them.
(Hey my wish granted wasn't corrupted too bad cause I could have time super powers and go back and control time and space so HA!)
I wish I was strong.
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By kiotis1
#86162 Granted but ur only strong at eating tissues

I wish for cheese that is not rotten or messed up or moldy or eaten or filled with stuff or touched by Waterboyr. ;D
By Waterboyr
#86299 Granted but a mouse eats it.

I wish I could not wish right now and just say lol sucker to you.
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By ilovepokemon
#87674 granted but your wish came true even if you didnt wish for it

i wish i could beat the champion in my Y version