By Waterboyr
#82506 I wish miner would wish something and continue the game instead of not doing stuff that he should

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By Foquine
#82579 Granted, but his wishes are dumbest thing ever.

I wish I was born.
By Waterboyr
#82610 Granted but I kill you now.
I wish I could wish wishes without someone corrupting them and they would always be what I want.
By Waterboyr
#83556 (You know I could've walked to the safe vault and teleport in mwahahaha!)
Granted but I just made it again.
I wish that pokemon were real
By Waterboyr
#83897 (Well lots of pokemon are ugly like that garbage one and that um granbull thing)
Granted but your clone replaces you and you are sent to be a human slave in another dimension.
I wish that the sword pokemon didn't exist.
By Waterboyr
#84187 granted but ungranted before SPG can close it.
I wish that all of the world politics would just make peace.