By Waterboyr
#81087 Granted but jigglypuff will be stronger than everyone
I wish that no one can wish

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By Foquine
#81475 Granted.

By Waterboyr
#81492 Granted but unlocked now mwahaha
I wish Foquine's egg broke into an omelet and everyone cooked it and ate it.
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By killthepast
#81876 its a cynda egg, i think i hate you for dat xD

Granted, but you die due to cyndaquil recreating itself and burning its way out, and the police cant put it in jail because its a pokemon and it belonges to foquine

(fuck ye longest post)

i wish for ujfnjhkl;tmkrnmgljmnx;gfm;thnj;lfdmkl;bhnhtklnfmlk;tdhbgfujthl;ujkpojkfgojh
By Waterboyr
#81982 granted but cyndaquils are permanently extinct and if you even think the thought of revving them or think of them you die.
I wish I didn't have allergies.
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By ilovepokemon
#81996 Granted, but they will always come back with a resistance to EVERY SINGLE medicine on the planet

i wish for a remake of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
#82002 Granted, but its worse than the original and constantly crashes when you fight your rival.
I wish that there was no reply to this wish.

........................ *forever alone*
By Waterboyr
#82381 granted but you don't
I don't wish to wish cause I wished and I wish that this wish would wish for that not wish thing that we all know wished for the weird wish