By Waterboyr
#86778 Yuck raw po...po...po....TATOES!s taste terrible!

Whatever Miley Cyrus eats.
By Waterboyr
#87374 Baked? Fish are cooked so um ew. Yuck.

Okay I'm going to say dog wieners since there are a lot of little kids on here but if your not a little kid look at the spoiler below.
Dog peanus (First off, yes they eat dog peanus in china or japan or somewhere I cant remember which but yeah they really do. And it's not a weird food no one eats they eat it. People eat them. *shivers)
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By charmander
#87384 I think Zero might say that's racist. and Yuck.

French Fries?
By Waterboyr
#87414 YUM!
(And it's not racist it's true! I saw it in this video. It might have been in Chinatown I can't remember like Chinatown new York. It was a while ago but yeah. Poor dogs. *starts thinking about it* NO!)

Rice milk chocolate bars.
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By charmander
#87422 Yumish?
And it's racist because not all of those people eat them.

Monster energy drink?
By Waterboyr
#87442 Yuck
And it's not because I never said all o them eat it. I just meant that people in general as in not nay specific race only eat them. If I said (insert race here) were crazy and they all ate that then it would be. The reason I said it the way I said it is not that it's wrong but I love dogs so it at first surprised me. But I wasn't racist and you might be mistaken on what being racist is. Talking about races isn't being races but using words referring to races in a bad manner or stereotyping is racist.
Anyway continue on now.