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By Foquine
#70198 Deux.
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By Tom_X
#70217 Nain, no chance for you guys, you've already had yours with the 50 one.....
EDIT: 0, btw
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By Foquine
#70219 errr.. 1.. again.
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By AnDwHaT5
AnDwHaT5 wrote:
Foquine wrote:errr.. 1.. again.

err.. 0 ..again.

DubbedUniverse wrote:Ummm what comes after 5? URRRG MMMM Seven? No eight wait no... AHA SEX

But after 0 comes 1 and 5 is 4 after 1 which is 6? Hmm 7
Edit: How the hell did i even do that!