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By Burgy
#107443 Link, Samus, Soul from Soul Eater as my Scythe, Charizard as my trusty steed and Trigore because he's my sex toy.

By 1Charak2
#107449 imma be evil
Main Character from spore "you can be anything you want to be" solid snake for explosions Naruto For Over poweredness Victini and finally Superman
By Quest God
#114075 Me: Dressed up as Umbreon with a nickname of Umbro
1. Scizor from Pokemon
2. Link from Legend of Zelda
3. Cloud from Final Fantasy 7
4. Zero from Borderlands 2
5. Servant Brute from Amnesia the Dark Descent
#114142 Lucario(He's the best Pokeman,) Sir Aaron(Best PokeMovie,) Andy Sandberg(One of the most hilarious people ever to exist,) Gandalf(My non OU Pokeman) and Yoda(Best trilogy, best character, killing machine!)