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By skywardstrike
#78617 Okay, we still need a team name and leader. I think we should get off the beach so this salamence can't find us. Perhaps we could go to my house? It's a nice place and its secret.

(P.S. I know I haven't been posting here a lot it's cause I had some problems with my computer, sorry)
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By skywardstrike
Rzxa wrote:Rzxa application:

Nickname (not necessary) Pyroka
Personality:Good , Don't need help, Do anything to kill enemies, Betrays other when needed,Smart,pretends to act Nice, and kind, and Hopeless , and act like a little kid but it has moves that no other litwick can have
Accessories/description: Shiny
Moves:Fire Blast Only
Life before the story:Unknown
How they are getting/got to the beach:Just there

Accepted (sorry it took so long)
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By MinerKombat1557
#78622 Myuu: i guess i wont be joining you, cya *flys away slowly and cries*

Myuu: WHERE AM I FROM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


*floats around looking in circles*

myuu: i blame the caterpie!
By Waterboyr
*runs to house and shuts door accidentally locking it and falling asleep instantly like a caterprie. Like a boss.