By Waterboyr
#77157 "And there is only one way..."
*jumps behind rock and then on top of it with a green scarf and other scarfs and throws them to everyone
"Make a mystery dungeon team! And I will be your fearless lead-"
*falls off rock
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By cannonite
#77171 Dratini: Well I like the Rescue Team idea. Though if we make one we need to vote on a leader. And we need to find out why those pokemon went on a rampage. But I say we look for a cave of evolution first it will help us grow stronger so we can take on whatever is doing this to the world.
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By skywardstrike
#77237 Right! I think I might know where an evolution cave is! Pokemon have been mysteriously disappearing when they go in this cave. But there evolution's always seem to come out. hen the evolution's are questioned, they can't remember a thing. I can show you guys where it is. come on!
By Lettucecow
#77318 Guys,I gonna change my character, I like this one better :P
Pokemon: quagsire
nickname: none
personality: Quite simply a moron, lacks foresight, clumsy, sensitive about his intelligence. Friendly and always tries to help.
clothes: a white scarf
moves: Mud bomb, earthquake, scald, amnesia
How they got to the beach- Fell asleep when there was a storm and ended up there.