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By cannonite
#76699 Dratini: Sorry about that I didn't get full control over my attacks before the storm * I look down sadly remembering my parents then I straighten my bow tie and ghost a smile* so how did you all get here?

By Waterboyr
#76737 "H-H-H-HELP!"

*in distance on beach

"There are so many of them! HELP!"

Diglets and dugtrios storm everywhere.
They destroy everything in sight and I seem to be next in line.
I let out an electro web but they just dig under it.
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By Umbreon1110
#76769 " Okay, fine I guess I ca- Am I the only one who sees that Mew? And why are there so many Dugtrio and Diglett? "
I shook my head a bit.
" Well, here we go again. "
I ran over to the beach, swinging on trees with my String Shot, and spammed Bug Buzzes on the Dugtrio ad diglett.
By Waterboyr
#76791 "OH NO!"

*An onix flies out of ground and two steelix

"I think something disturbed everything and everyone underground... Yikes!"
The Onix swings it's tail at me but I pin it's tail down for about tow seconds with electro web so I can start running away. He brakes free and bashes everywhere.
By Lettucecow
#76828 I might have an Idea.... HI-YA! (I use double team making hundreds of copies of myself surrounding the digletts and steelix which scares them off] There we go.
By Waterboyr
#77156 "Yeah there is probably something going on (hint hint you'll know what I mean if you played the original mystery dungeon blue or red). And if they dig tunnels angrily it will disturb the beach and the water pokemon will get mad. And then the whimsur will get disturbed which will make them loud, and will make the loudred mad, and then anger the forest pokemon, which will anger the lake pokemone, which will anger the mountain pokemon, which will anger the grass pokemon in the plains, and which will anger every other pokemon and the legenedaries and we will end up in space fighting garintina and Arceus and Mew will be involved and then some legend and like a random jigglypuff will save the day and stuff. Or something. So we should probably stop this now!"