By Waterboyr
#79016 "Jonathan? Who are these guys? Why are your running? Where'd you go? You just left me... How'd I even get here? What's with all the pokemon? Why am I asking so many questions?"
*my Primeape balls slips off my belt and hulk sized Primeape comes out and is very angry
"Why are you guys scared? WHAT IS GOING ON?"
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By cannonite
#79024 Jonathan: Yeah sorry about tha Holy crap that thing is HUGER in person! Well you see I had to rescue my friend Austin here and found this guy with him. I joined a party of significant Rocket members what an honor it was... Oh and this happened. I throw out Rhydon meet my new tank.
By Waterboyr
#79101 "NO!"
*Pushes that guy away
"I'LL HOLD THEM OFF! Sorry I was really bored... Oh and watch out for the quicksand your standing on! And the angry sandslash.And the raging dugtrio and diglets. And the herd of krokoroks."

"Primeape GO! RAGE! RAGE RAGE!"
By HeroSnipe
Edit: [edit][img][img][/img][/img]
Appearance:black hair blue eyes red jacket
History:not good
PartyPokemon:(lv.15 max) If you get a new pokemon during your journey make sure to update this
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By cannonite
#79218 Jonathan: Riley you go he wants you and Austin and I'm not about to let him capture the people he needs so I'll stay. I hand Austin Venusuar Electabuzz Cloyster and Dragonair's pokeballs as well as my bag and money. You two leave the region use the money to buy tickets to the Sevii islands were you can train for that Purple pokemon. We will meet you on 6 island if we make it. I send out Arcanine and Rhydon. As for us well I look at Reese lets hit em hard. I then look at Austin well its been fun. Never did get to Pewter did we? With that I turn around and with Arcanine and Rhydon I run to meet rocket before we do I turn around to Austin. By the way tell my other pokemon what I had to do I hope they will understand.
By Waterboyr
#79223 "And if they get us don't worry about us... Whoever you people are... Anyways... We won't win but we will buy you the time! Hm... Here! Take my Porygon guys. You'll know when to use it. (Last battle last finishing move lol mega tri-attack of course). PRIMEAPE, SKARMORY, SCYTHER, GO! RAGE, STEEL WING, SLASH!"
t seems as half of Team Rocket is here.
"Now Swift combo and hit the all with it while Primwape power up it's rage! Yes! Go guys go now!"