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By cannonite
#78477 Jonathan: I see this all happen. * Going to the safari zone for a Rhyhorn has to be this hard?* I send out electabuzz and he fires thunderbolt into the trainers shocking them. I ride after Reece seeing the Primeape Electabuzz tries too burn it with fire punch it gets even more pissed.

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By skywardstrike
#78624 *Meanwhile, somewhere in Cinnabar Mansion...*

"Cranidos use headbutt! Ugh, I can't believe I got myself stuck in here! What does this "Team Rocket" want with me anyway? All I have is my Cranidos..."
I hear a lock turning outside my cell. I am tied up by a grunt and forced to follow him.
"What do you want with me?"
As I walk into the next room, I see what they need me for.
By Lifegrasp180
#78682 What do you want from me? i ask. Oh only a proposition Giovanni says. You are the son of one of the greatest minds in Unova.
What's your point? I say. My point is if you work with us. says Giovanni. You will become even greater than your father was.
Work with team rocket!? I shout. Are you crazy! I understand your concern with our methods. he said.
Yeah, Methods as in taking peoples pokemon and money to fund your evil operation. can't POSSIBLY imagine why i would be concerned. i say in the most sarcastic voice i can make.
maybe if you join us he said. you can have your pokemon back. then giovanni pulled out my belt carrying my team.
all of them were there...except one. Gengar's pokeball wasn't in my belt inside my spirits soared. if jonathan and the others find Gengar then they'll know something happened to me.
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By cannonite
#78736 Jonathan: We finally with enough speed get away from Primeape and enter fushia where I buy us safari zone tickets. I enter the safari zone and walk for a while when I see the pokemon i have been looking for... Rhyhorn I throw some bait to it and it gladly eats when it eats most of it I throw a safari ball but it escapes and I give it more food from my hand it gladly eats and I catch it this time!

Team update: Rhyhorn Level 35: Moves Earthquake, Rock blast, Drill run, Bulldoze.
Team complete!
By Waterboyr
#78742 *throws up
"Ugh... Gosh..."
*helicopters fly above and the Primeape breaks through the safari zone walls.
"Okay quickly trade my porygon from me to you to me twice! And get your pokemon out!"
I do the trade and then get my Pokemon out.
Other trainers gather around fighting also.
I get my ultra ball ready..
My pokemon hit the nose and I hope Jonathan's did while I throw my ultra ball at the pokemon.
Click... Click... Click!
"I caught it?"
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By skywardstrike
#78761 As I look up at the giant machine above me, I can see it was a giant drill. I also realize that I'm deep underground. The grunt leads me to the drill.
Grunt: I bet your wondering why we captured you. Your about to find out.
The grunt starts talking to someone and I know this will be my only chance to escape.
Everyone in the room is stunned. Cranidos slams into everyone in its way with its hard head. A few of the grunts react by sending out zubat, but cranidos still charges through.
We both hide out in a small corridor after all the action. Alarms ringing everywhere. I hear a small cry that wasn't from me or cranidos. I sneak down the corridor, only to find a pokemon locked in a cage! The cage had a sign on it that said 'FAILED EXPERIMENT NO.3 DESTROY WHEN POSSIBLE.
"Don't worry little pokemon, i'll get you out of here. Cranidos break the bars."
I release the pokemon, but it didn't wanna leave my side.
"Do you want to come with me?" I ask
"Ditto!" the pokemon replies.

Team Update:
Cranidos lvl 20 moveset: Rock tomb, headbutt, take down, focus energy (Headbutting pays off)
Ditto lvl 18 movset: Transform
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By cannonite
#78780 Jonathan: After battling the primeape I battle a few trainers to train my team. I then look around Fushia for Austin and realize he is gone. So I begin back up the bike path to Saffron to look for him I tell Reese where I'm going. WHen I finally get to where I last saw austin I find a pokeball and send out gengar. What the? Gengar wheres austin? Gengar goes into a Panic about not Knowing so I send out Arcanine to get a Scent I then follow him all the way back to Fushia's Shoreline. What the? THe only place e could be is CInnabar or the Seafoam islands.
Venusuar: Level 42: Moves Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Sleep powder, Leech Seed
Electabuzz: Level 40: Moves Thunderbolt, Thunder Punch, Fire punch, Ice punch
Arcanine: Level 40: Moves Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, Thunder fang, Extremespeed
Cloyster: Level 40: Moves Hydro Pump, Ice beam, Spike Cannon, Protect
Dragonair: Level 40: Moves Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Slam, Thunder Wave
Rhyhorn: Level: 40: Moves Earthquake, Rock Blast, Drill Run, Bulldoze
By Waterboyr
#78799 "Yes I beat Koga!"
Skarmory lvl 37
Porygon Z lvl 35
Scyther lvl 36
Primeape lvl 50

*meets up with Jonathan

"Hey what's up?"