By Waterboyr
#77940 "Alright! Now which pad leads to the gym leader..."
*looks at hundreds of pads
"Wait... if we battle lots of trainers we can get high level pokemon... I have lots of potions and full heals so lets go!"
*10 hours later
Porygon lvl 25
Skarmory lvl 32
Scyther lvl 33
"Okay wow what bad luck *gasp *cough. The last pad *cough *wheeze, is the one that leads to Sabrina..."
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By cannonite
#78115 Jonathan: After making my way through the gym my pokemon reach 35 and Venusuar 38. I then challenge the gym leader.
Alright lets go electabuzz! Kadabra your up now psybeam! Dodge it electabuzz! To late the psybeam knocks electabuzz down. Get up now ice punch followed by fire punch! The ice punch freezes kadabra and fire punch thaws Kadabra and does massive damage. Thunder punch! Kadabra psychic! The psychic holds electabuzz back but he c harges through and finishes kadabra. Alright Espeon shadow ball! Electabuzz is to weak to dodge and is knocked out. Return you did well. Now then Dragonair Thunderwave! Espeon dodges and hits Dragonair with Shadowball. Ugh use dragonpulse the dragonpulse an d shadowball meet and cause an explosion but dragonair is quicker to recover and finishes with slam. Mr.Mime your next use psychic! The psychic picks up dragonair and slams her into the wall repeatedly until she breaks out. Dragonpulse! Mr.Mime use protect! Bombard him with more dragonpulses! Mr.Mime psychic! the psychic defeats Dragonair. Alright Arcanine use flamethrower! Mr.Mime use *Flamethrower hits mr.mime* Now flare blitz! Arcanine defeats Mr.mime. Alakazam show him what psychic power is about Psychic attack! Flamethrower! THe attacks collide and explode with arcanine weakened and alakazam meditating. Psybeam Flareblitz! Once more they collide but arcanine faints. Cloyster ice beam Psybeam! The fight ended up being long with cloysters bulk but Cloyster went down eventually. One more left Venusuar sleep powder! Alakazam use Psych *Alakazam falls asleep* Now energy ball! THe blast does considerable damage now leech seed. The alakazam is seeded and his health begins to get sapped as he begins to wake up. Energy ball once more! Alakazam is about to use psychic but to late the multiple energy balls hit him and he is taken down and I win the soul badge!
By Waterboyr
#78136 "Wow great job! Now my turn!"
I send out Scyther. With Scyhter's speed and bug type moves it makes my attacks stronger and the teleport power not as useful.
"Kadabra go!"
"Scyther go!"
"Kadabra use Calm Mind!"
"Scyther attack it before it keeps powering up!"
Since Scyther is far away Scyther uses swift.
"Kadabra Reflect!"
The attack does nothing so I yell out , "Razor Wind!"
Once again Reflect blocks it.
Kadabra suddenly uses a Psybeam.
Usually even with Scyther's speed it wouldn't be able to avoid it for it was unexpected since Kadabra was meditating and using Calm Mind...
But Scyther hadn't really been trying to attack.
Scyhter was using Agility!
So Scyther dodges it and uses Swift and charges in and uses Fury Cutter over and over again.
"Kadabra no!"
"I knew you would just use Calm Mind and block any attack or hurt my Pokémon so I made it look like I was attacking but increased my Pokémon's speed so it could dodge your moves and get attacks in. And considering your Kadabra increased it's Special Attack and Special Defense I needed to get lots of hits in without getting hurt."
"Kadabra return. Espeon go! Use swift!"
"Scyther you can't dodge it just take the blow and use Fury Cutter!"
Since Fury Cutter has been used multiple times it's power has increased greatly.
Suddenly both Pokémon fall.
"Oh you used Foresight twice to take out my bug pokemon even it if was to sacrifice your espeon... Well then come on out Skarmory!"
"Come on out Mr. Mime! Use Reflect! Light Screen!"
"Skarmory use Air Cutter 3 times no matter if you get hit! Psychic has weak offense against steel!"
"Mr.Mime keep double-slapping it!"
Mr.Mime gets n three double-slaps before fainting.
"Critical hit ratio of Air Cutter is high!"
"Alakazam go!"
Alakazam is hurt by spikes that Skarmory set earlier.
"Skarmory Air Cutter!"
Alakazam just keeps using Psychic while Skarmory attacks. Skarmory has great defense and attack and Psychic type moves don't do much damage on Steel.
Alakazam falls down eventually.
I mutter to myself, "There was no point in battling strategically Skarmory would've won no matter what in that battle..."
"Here is the Soul Badge. You have earned it."
"Yes I got the Soul Badge!"
By Waterboyr
#78218 "Well yeah but there is some big detour in the other route I heard and there is a lot of people there trying to wake up a pokemon... Are you looking for something?"
By Waterboyr
#78469 "Okay."
"Okay... So I'm not the best bike rider and there are lots of triathlon trainers ready to battle and bikers and gangs of bikers os we should be careful... Okay mine is in this gear so it will go as fast as possible... I should change it since it's completely downhill...
I start slowly pedaling on the grass that is flat.
"Ugh. It's stuck."
As I pull and pull I don't notice my bike has gone down the grass and just got onto the downhill slope.
My bike stops at the start and I sigh.
Suddenly an angry Primeape with bigger muscles than I've seen any Pokemon have (SO basically think of a Hulk Primape. That big and that strong.)
"Whoa that is like a new species of Pokemon or something... I should catch it an-"
The Primeape sprints toward me and I chuck 30 ultra balls and all of my pokemon at it and it doesn't do anything.
"OH S-"
THe Primeape rams into my bike sending it at the fastest speed possible for bikes on the fastest gear of any bike down the steepest fastest and most dangerous slope in the world.
ANd to top it off 10 trainers start going after me wanting to battle throwing pokemon at me.
I navigate badly and fly through the air multiple times and land with a jigglypuff and pidgeot attacking me on my lap.
To top it off a biker gang comes to and they have a bunch of ground pokemon causing an earthquake.
And I am on a bike. Going as fast as possible for bikes. And the fastest gear stuck. On the steepest slope in the world for biking.
And to top it of the Primeape is still chasing me.
(it is now bigger muscle wise than the hulk like in the image below)