By Waterboyr
#76536 (If you will let me do this do it)
Suddenly their pokemon fall to the ground, defeated.
Behind them, a Beedrill stands, with it hands jabbed in the pokemon.

*somewhere else

"That kid beat us all! Retrea- AH!"
My Scyther cuts the man's pocket and my porygon's pokeball falls out.
"Hmph. Guess I should check for more..."
I find a strange flute and stash it in my pack. I loot all sorts of stuff from items to info on computers. Some blueprints are laid out on tables.
I take everything and call my friend.
"Yeah so if you want this info and blueprints you can have it. Okay sure. I'll find him and beat him."
I go up the elevator and exit it to find a battle going on.
"... Um ..."
I walk past the people and their fainted hurt pokemon and pull out my porygon pokeball.
"Giovani! I challenge you to a battle!"

I release all three of my pokemon but as soon as I do...
There is a bright flash and every pokemon besides his are knocked out.
"NO! What... How..."
I drop to the floor and tremble and shake in terror. He beat me in one move. He beat those other trainers... He must be the leader of...
"You must be..."
"The leader of Team Rocket!"
And with that there is another flash and he and his pokemon are gone.
And I am left in the dust coughing.
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By skywardstrike
#76545 (this looks awesome, I wanna join)

Name: Riley
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Gold backpack, blue baseball cap and jacket, green shirt, tinted glasses.
Personality: Serious when a problem arises otherwise funny.
History: Previously living in Eterna City, he was the an explorer of the underground. He later left to become stronger. He has defeated the first 2 gym leaders (brock and misty.) He is looking for a challenge wherever he goes.
Party Pokemon: Cranidos lvl 15 Moveset: Headbutt, Rock tomb, endure and focus energy
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By MinerKombat1557
#76629 Name: Ace
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: blue and black, looks like brendan without net hat, instead black hair
Personality: serious
History: brother of N, seperated at birth and was lost in the forest, he was helped by a shiny eevee, now umbreon
PartyPokemon:(lv.15 max) If you get a new pokemon during your journey make sure to update this Umbreon (shiny) lvl 15: Dark Pulse, Flash, Wish, Toxic. Quilava lvl 14: Flamethrower, leer, tackle, Eruption.
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By cannonite
#77265 JOnathan: After an excruciating night of wins and lots of losses I finally win enough for a dratini. I go up and look at the prices and see porygons price Who is that lucky to get that many coins. * Purchases dratini*

Team Update: Mystic (Dratini) Level 25: Moves Dragonbreath, Thunderwave,Dragon Rage, SLam
By Lifegrasp180
#77280 Accepted! all three of you
(sorry i couldn't post this weekend guys i had to do some stuff.)

returning from the game corner hideout has made my pokemon stronger. my ivysaur had evolved to venusaur and had convinced a trainer to trade-evolve haunter and graveler to gengar and golem.

team update:
Venusaur lvl.35 moves:Solarbeam,synthesis,petal dance, and takedown
Golem lvl: 35 moves: explosion,stone edge, earthquake, heavy slam
Gengar lvl:35 moves:psychic,thunder,shadow ball,dark pulse.
By Waterboyr
#77313 *Somewhere nearby

(So have you gone to um saffron city yet?)

"Well... This department store is big!"
I climb the escalator.
"They have everything. Gamestop, Target, Clefables Are Us, and... A battle store!"
I see a big part of the mall and walk into the store.
People are battling everywhere in special rooms. Jungle rooms, water rooms, normal battle rooms, open free for all, team battle.s Even virtual reality world that can be any place.
And there is a tournament coming up! The prize is: the cut HM and 10000 poke! You can enter with up to 6 people and 6 pokemon overall including all trainers. So if you had 6 trainers you could only have one of each of their pokemon.
But of course I only have three so I'll have no chance... But there are some exhibition tournaments I can enter for fun...


"And the final match is down to these two trainers! They have each one pokemon left!"

Trainer: Nidoking use earthquake!
Me: Polygon Conversion 2! Now use Frustration!
Since Polygon is a prize pokemon and I just recently got it this will be useful for the next few battles so I taught it Frustration.
Trainer: No Nidoking!
Me: Yes!

I continue to battle there and win many just for fun tournaments.
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By cannonite
#77343 Jonathan: I begin to train my team on the route next to celadon I also visit a move tutor and pay him for a few moves On electabuzz Finally I evolve Growlithe after it learns Flare Blitz and Shellder after it learns Hydro Pump

Venusaur Level 35: Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Sleep Powder, Leech seed
Electabuzz Level 33: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderbolt
Arcanine: Level 33: Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, Thunder Fang, Take Down
Cloyster: Level 33: Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Shellsmash, Protect
Dragonair, Level 33: Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rage, Thunder Wave, Slam