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By Rzxa
#75672 My Next Match
I will be face someone named OMEGA
Hmm interesting
Lucario your match is ready
Oh ok
*gets out from the waiting area*
Ok so where's my opponent
Omega: I'm right here
Lucario:you look like someone I know
*looks on Wikipedia with his iPhone *
Lucario: you are the Evil Zero!
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By Umbreon1110
#75673 ( Btw, I finally finished the images. Took forever. )
Nova is the black one, Hex is white. Both are fake characters.

As we were walking to the arena, I began to hear some noises coming from the air vent...
Nova: " Did you just hear that? "
Hex: " Yep. "
Nova: " I dunno about you, but I'm going to find out what it is. "
I pointed my blaster at the vent and fired it, busting it open.
Hex: " We will be late for the match, you now... "
Nova: " You go to the arena, I'll see what's in here.. "
Hex: " Okaaaay. "
Hex began heading to the arena, and I made my way down the vet. It was strangely large, and I could stand up in it.
After awhile, I saw some large claw marks on the ceiling... Something else was here, and it is not friendly...
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By killthepast
#75864 Typhlosion: not looking forward to this...

*walks into arena..*

*sees opponent*

*is mario taken, if not...*

Its a meeeeeee! Mario!

Typhlosion: this will be a sinche
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By Umbreon1110
#75870 I continued going down the vent a bit, stopping every now and then when someone was below, or they would hear me, and get suspicious. Eventually, there was a large, broken wall in the vent, as if something blasted through it. The end of the vent was also a few feet away, beyond it being a arena, where it looked like a Typhlosion and Mario were fighting... There was two more arenas next to it, but I could not make out the fighters on them. So, I just went down the broken passage.
Nova: " Why do I always have to deal with this stuff... Like, there's weird noises everywhere, and NOBODY cares so far... Ugh... Wait... HOLY- "
Something massive had tackled me, and I could not make out what it was. It was large, white, no legs, eyes, head, or arms. I mean, what the heck WAS this thing? It also fired lasers, fire, and other stuff, and it pinned me to the wall, and was going for where my power core was located, but then, it just vanished into thin air... It probably would return eventually, and me being at my current state, I could barely move.. I managed to raise my blaster up, and used all of my remaining energy to fire it at full blast at the end of the vent, then, I blacked out..,

Meanwhile, with Hex....
Hex: " I wonder what Nova's up to... He seemed pretty concerned back there... Anyways... Who am I up against? "
Announcer: " And, next we have three simultaneous matches, Lucario VS Omega, Typhlosion VS Mario, and Hex VS Meta Knight.
Hex: " Okay, seems easy enou- WAIT, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT.
My laser beam had launched clear across the arenas, but there was only minor damage.
Hex: " Was that...? "
By Waterboyr
#76256 *chokes someone in bar because us bored while waiting
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By killthepast
#76267 Typhlosion: well guess we are up first Mario?

Mario: Mama Mia badger right!

Typhlosion: you..didn't..just!

*uses fire blast*

*mario Takes it and becomes fire manio due to so much heat*

*he throws a fireball at me*

*i eat it*

Typhlosion: yummy!

*uses flare blitz and then uses flamethrower and then tackles from behind*

MArio: *seriosly injured*

Typhlosion: Time to finish him off

*uses final smash for KO*
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By Umbreon1110
#76268 Hex, who was at the arena beside Typhlosion at Mario, but continued staring at the now exploded vent.
Hex:" Was I the only one who just saw that? "
Meta Knight: " No. "
Meta Knight: " ... "
A echo of the blast radiates through the enire colloseum...
( If u played SSBB or SSBM, you'd know who I was talking about in my last post. )( Hint Hint - Boss - Hint Hint )