By Lettucecow
#72594 Since most people [me included] are getting bored of pokemon roleplays I thought up of something different! A minecraft roleplay! This is the plot..

[You are just a miner when you see strange things in the mines, these strange things eventully got notice of the villagers and they send you to find out whats happening. You find out herobrine is behind it and makes a giant nether portal summoning all the nether monsters to terrorize the world.


Weapon and tools:

My app:

Name- steve
Weapon and tools: An iron sword with a iron pickaxe
armor- iron helmet and chestplate
personality- brave, stubborn, will do anything to save his friends,Gluttonous.

By Waterboyr
#72703 App:

Name: Waterboyr
Weapon and tools: Stone Shovel, Iron Axe, Iron Pick, Bow and Arrows, and Speed Potions.
Armor: Leather Set.
Personality- Smart, funny, positive, but is serious when needed.
By Lettucecow
#72730 Accepted :P
By Lettucecow
#72735 [I'm in a mine deep under the village] Hopefully I can find some diamonds... I can pay for food with that, and maybe stop by the blacksmith's house and get it made into a sword. [I hear footsteps] Huh? Who is that? Hehehehe... [2 glowing white eyes appear behind me] AHHH! Who are you? ......You will find out soon enough...if you make it out of this alive....hehehe. What? [Suddenly the mine comes alive with zombies and spiders and skeletons.] Now to make it more interesting... [Lava starts flowing from the ceiling and a door pops in on the other side of the mine] How did that? Ugh I'll think about it later! [I draw my sword and slice through some zombies] There are so many of them!
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By Umbreon1110
#72943 Name: Arceus12234, prefers Arc
Weapons and tools: Half used Diamond sword, Iron pickaxe, Bow and arrows, potion of invisibility ( x2 ), Potion of night Vision ( x1 ), Potion of swiftness II ( x1 )
Armor: Iron helmet
Personality: A bit reckless, fearless, social, and humorus

IF I get accepted.... I'll continue with this. If I don't, this never happened.
I was mining peacefully,continuing to my giant underground staircase, trying to find a good mine. I broke a block as I got close to gedrock, revealing a lot of zombies and skellies and such a few block below. I decided to peek down.
I covered up the hole with some cobblestone
By Lettucecow
#72956 Accepted, by the way its like real minecraft so no skins, like a mystery dungeon RP.
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By cannonite
#72985 Name: cannonite
Weapons and tools: Iron Pick, Iron Axe and Iron Sword
Armor: Leather set
Personality: Cheery, funny, loves to mine
By Lettucecow
#72994 accepted
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By cannonite
#72997 The light of the above world nearly blinded me as I climbed out of the mine into the village. Being underground for near as I could tell 5 days with nothing but the bread provisions I brought with me and some wool to rest on was tiring business. It was gonna be good to eat some pork and sleep in my bed for a few days before going back down and mining again. As I got to my small little house at the edge of town my wolf barked ( Its OK if I have a wolf right?) and I patted him on the head as I opened my door I heard my dog growl and then A hissing sound. I looked behind myself quickly before I could react *BOOM*.
Cannonite: *Loses consciousness in the wreckage of his front door*
By Lettucecow
#73026 [sure you can have a wolf]