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By Rzxa
#72583 In a World called StratoGeno there are Dragons and diffrent Creatures but one Faithfull day a Lich Called Nightowl stole the magical core that Sustain this world Corruption start spreading to the regions making even a tiny insect evil and The World started to wither but only one place is dismissed by the Corruption and the place is called The Kindom Of Linx
And this is we're we start HERO! Make friends and fight the evil Lich that is destroying our World!
Since Waterboyr didn't like the idea of limited stuff I'm revamping the app you can pick any race class weapon
Race: (
Outfit: (your clothes)
[highlight]My App
Class: Ranger
Name: Flame
Outfit: Red Cloak , Dark blue Pants, and Brown Ragged shoes
Weapon: Flame Bow and arrow
Ability : Stealth and Shooting
Personality:Funny,Helpful,Serious at times,Big appetite[/highlight]

By Lettucecow
#72588 Race- human
class- rouge
name- shadow
outfit- a black cloak
weapon-duel swords
ability- stealth and melee
personality- sarcastic, devious, sneaky, evil, smart,

[I'm sort of an antagonist this time k?]
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By cannonite
#72635 Race: Dwarf
Name: Gundar
Class: Warrior
Outfit: Iron armor, small ratty brown cloak over the armor
Weapon: Axe
Ability: Strength and Melee
Personality: Hot tempered, Likes to fight, Loves kicking people in the shins for making fun of his dwarven height
By Waterboyr
#72706 Race: (you can only pick Drow,Elf,Human,Dwarf, and Fairy) Elf
Class: (you can only pick Ranger,Rouge,Warrior,Paladin,Healer,Mage, and Necromancer) Cleric (Healer gosh you know nothing about medieval stuff. Where are Halflings or Clerics or Assassins etc.?)
Name: Fitz
Outfit: (your clothes) Robe.
Weapon: (if you start as a Ranger you use only use a Bow and Boomerang)
If you start out as a rouge You can only use a Dual Swords,Katana,And Daggers
If you start out as a Warrior you can only use Swords and Axes
If you start out as a Paladin you can only use Swords and Axes
if you start out as a Healer you can only use Rods and any healing Magic Stuff Rod
If you start out as a Wizard you can only use Rods and Attacking Magic Stuff
I'd you start out as a Necromancer you can only use Rods and Undead Magic Stuff

Rod for healers? Healers have staffs...

Abilitys : Healer
Personality: Normal.
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By Rzxa
#72913 Yes healers have staff Waterboyr so As healing staff
All of you guys are accepted !
By Waterboyr
#73427 (guess I'll start)
"I know my King that you and I nearly always see eye to eye but are you sure? These people don't seem the most reliable to help us. Some Dwarf named Gundar? Flame can be annoying yet I know him (I'm talking to Elf King). And that rogue whatever his name is seems like a really bad choice. But alas, the letters have already been sent and delivered. So we can only hope for the best."
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By cannonite
#73444 * As he says that I step through the big palace doors*
Gundar: Alright then what in blazes could ya want me for then huh?
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By Rzxa
#73466 Revamped the app
By Lettucecow
#73488 Heh, this place seems cool, maybe I'll stick around for a while before I rob it, heheheheh. So what do want you me for, I'm sure I can help you....hehehehe....
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By DubbedUniverse
#73497 App 1:

Race: Elf
Class: Necromancer
Name: Scythe
Outfit: Black hooded robes
Weapon: Various Tomes
Personality: Serious, Stubborn and very full of himself.

App 2:

Race: Dwarf
Class: Tank
Name: Hugus
Outfit: Heavy plate
Weapon: War hammer
Personality: Greedy, Funny and Sensitive (Mainly about his weight!).

App 3:

Race: Fairy
Class: Cleric
Name: Saphire (Hey It's RP I can be a girl! >:I)
Outfit: Non-hooded white robe with sandals
Weapon: Staff
Personality: Generous, Kind and Dedicated.

Pick whatever you think is the best, I made 3 due to the fact I couldn't decide what to choose so I wrote them all down and I'm going to let you decide ! :P