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By Rzxa
#73837 What did you say
Charmeleon was running very fast suddenly
Umm sorry there OH WHAT!
Charmeleon saw A Dragon with Deman Horns and have a Unsetteling face
Uh uh a demon dragon? Charmeleon says at a soft voice
Umm Guys can you do me a little favor leave me alone !
Charmeleon says Loudly
*readys his Bow and Boomerang *
I can never forgive what your kind done!
Charmeleon attacks Fiercily
Go Boomerang!
*the Boomerang was covered in Thunder and Fire*
The Impact was so great it makes a very big smoke
Attack didn't affect the Demon
Dragon Grabs Charmeleon
No you won't ! Charmeleon says
Here is my Best Move I can do yet a variation I say!
Dragon Fire Burst!
A Dragon made of Pure Fire Comes in and attacks
A Smoke was made
Charmeleon then fly without wings
I am not skilled in a fight and a insult but I gotta say I am cool
Voice:NO YOUR ****ING NOT!
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By Rzxa
#73999 I don't even get you guys? So for your opinion what should I change ?
By Waterboyr
#74171 (Well... You literally were like charmeleon was confused he went rah.
Then he saw big demon.
Um guys don't leave me alone.
Boom Pow
He sees dragon
no you don't
dragon grabs charmeleon
um help guys
dragon blast
then charmeleon magically flies
random voice: no your not)