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By Rzxa
#71973 Charmeleon:'Hehe Balls oh wait nothing' I didn't do anything I didn't do anything but I have one thing to say
*boomerang returns and hits Grovyle Head thus making him fall in the ground*
By Lettucecow
#72039 What was that I'm sensing someone behind us... [I turn around and draw my dagger] Who are you?
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By Umbreon1110
#72049 I stared blankly at everyone for a bit.
Eeleektross: " This is getting way to awkward for me, I'm out. "
The yellow spots on my neck began to glow, lighting p my surroundings a bit, and I headed towards the forest.
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By cannonite
#72080 Weaviles thoughts: I've been heard ugh should I make a run for it? Better not I might get shot down with that bow and who knows what else*

Weavile: *Slides into view of the others daggers in defensive position*
By Windjoe
#72394 Here goes nothing

Pokemon: Ditto
Move: Donut Attack
Weapons : Slimeballs
Armor: None
Appearance : Like a pancake
Personality: Absolutely dumb

Best app eva #swaghashtagsyolo

I...Actually...have no idea what this is....I'm applying because uhh...