By Lettucecow
#71728 [I'm watching the whole thing from a tree] They attack a castle? Don't they know the pokemon inside will hunt them down? Idiots! I suppose I should go and investigate... but just do be safe.. [I get out my dagger from the hilt I made with some spare wood] Lets see what exactly going on down there... [I jump off the tree and start sprinting to the castle.

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By cannonite
#71756 Pokemon: Weavile
Move: Ice Punch
Armor: Ragged black clothes good for running, And a black long overcoat over it (As long as it can be on a weavile that is)
Appearance: Normal Weavile
Weapons: Two daggers concealed in his coat and his claws
Personality: Quiet, Stays to the shadows, Does not trust people easy, Irritable, Helps his friends if he ever makes any
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By Rzxa
#71775 (Accepted )
Blow blow blow blow
*smoke that was blocking the eyesight of Charmeleon disappeared *
*sees a Voltorb *
Voltorb:I'm gonna kill all survivors and do genocide
Charmeleon: not if I can help it
*voltorb throws 10 Bombs*
*Charmeleon dodge*
Charmeleon: this is what you can do your just a ball that smells funny
*throws boomerang to distract and attack then shot an arrow in Voltorb face*
Charmeleon:Uh no!
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By Rzxa
#71791 Charmeleon Mind: That Samurott Sliced the ball!
Charmeleon subconscious : hehe balls
Charmeleon :Thx for saving me ugh Samurott
By Lettucecow
#71793 [I am watching the whole thing from behind a large piece of rubble and see the another voltorb about to explode] Oh no you don't! [I jump out from the rubble and stab it with my dagger] That was a close one hmm? I'm grovyle.
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By cannonite
#71800 Weavile: * Watching this all happen from the shadows of the near trees* Hmm... What would be the point of blowing up this castle suppose I should check it out looks like the main explosions are done.
*Goes to the castle trying his best not to be seen
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By Umbreon1110
#71844 I was digging around in the ruins of the castle. My two best finds were a iron battle axe, and some sort of stone lightning blot shaped object. I also found a couple gems as well. Maybe a chest full of treasure exploded or something... I turned around to see the top half of a Voltorb, a Charmeleon, and a Samurott.
" Uh.... "
I nudged the voltorb head away with my sword in disgust.
By Lettucecow
#71895 Hmm I heard something... [I get out my dagger and grab charmeleon with my dagger pointing to his throught. Aha! You must have been one of the bandits that blew up this castle. You'd better start talking if you value your head!