By Waterboyr
#68744 *at village
"Where'd everybody go?"
None of the lights in the houses are on.
And those other pokemon with me are gone. A misty fog comes in so I think of Lapras.
"Very funny guys now come out... Did everyone ditch me?"
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By Umbreon1110
#68940 I facepalmed
" I'll get him. "
I hopped into a river and headed back to the village.
*15 min later*
I arrived at the outskirts of the village, and I saw Smeargle in the middle. I decided to have some fun with this and snuck up behind him.
" Boo. "
By Lettucecow
#69002 Well since we're out of the plains and almost to Scorching Desert Lets set up camp here! Hmmm! [I make myself glow with a bright gold light] Okay we have our campfire lets go to sleep.
By Waterboyr

I jump and spin around and paint hot paint into his eyes.
I run away and run over something crunchy while thinking:
1. He will be blinded for at least 2 hours minimum...
2: What am I running ov-
I suddenly trip into a pile of the crunchy stuff.
It's bones.
The fog is hazey... And is far worse. but I can still make out the big pile of bones I'm lying in... Very clearly.
By Lettucecow
#69266 Do you hear something guys? hehehehehe....WHAT IS THAT? Hmm! [I light myself up with a bright gold light and see that about 100 gastlys are surrounding us] Hehehehe......
Um....Hi? Hello. You will die now! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE! [The gastlys all merge into one giant gastly the size of a snorlax] AHHHH! Its a giant gastly!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE YOU WILL DIE FOR TRYING TO STOP US!!! Shadow ball! OH NO! [I dodge the shadow ball ] Flamethrower! [it does nothing to gastly but the light from the fire stuns it for a bit] Hehehehe? I don't like light hehehe..... He doesn't like light! HMMM! [I light myself up in a bright gold light which knocks out the gastly and lys on the floor dazed] EVERYONE ATTACK HIM WHILE HES STUNNED!
By Lettucecow
#69520 FLAMETHROWER! HEHEHEHEH? .....? Ugh ..... YOU HAVE NOT WON THE DARKNESS AND NIGHTMARES WILL STILL REGIN! EHEHE? [The giant gastly exploded in a bright purple light thanks to everyones combined attacks] We defeated him.....Lets just rest till lapras and smeargle come back.
By Waterboyr
#69539 I froze, paralyzed. I was standing on actu- Wait... There aren't even that many pokemon in the village!
On land Lapras is slow... I'm not super fast...
I try to see where there is something that makes sense.
I spot something and scream, "MISDREAVUS COME ON OUT!"
I flick paint onto misdreavus so Lapras can see where to shoot ice.