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By Rzxa
Waterboyr wrote:"Garintina darkrai is dating cresselia! And mewthree is considered noon-legendary for being so ugly!"

Actually there is not such thing of mewthree I think your talking about the new mewtwo from eh but it's name is
MEGA MEWTWO ! Not mewthree and when you call mewthree aka mega mewtwo ugly your calling mewtwo ugly
By Waterboyr
#70551 Wait so does the original mewtwo exist... But anyway the new one looks so bad and the idea is the worst idea in history of pokemon games in my opinion. They literally ruined mew and mewtwo.
But just post like i said whatever it is.
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By Reinen
#84210 Pokemon:Pancham (could i be a shiny pancham instead of a legendary? if i cant ill be a shiny rayquaza)
Moves:Transform, hypnosis, dream eater, tackle
Personality:Smug, humurous, cool