By Lettucecow
#61103 Um......where did everyone go? Looks like I'll have to round up a search party... [I run over to a deeper part of the cave and whistle, then a graveler,marill,and a geodude come out of a different part of the cave] Hey again, guys remember me? I was in the cave before and I helped you out? [They nod] Okay I need help with something now..
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By Umbreon1110
#61348 I awoke again, but this time I was in some sort of chamber. Some sort of one-way glass surrounded me
( And I could not see the other side )
???: " Shadow... I keep my identity hidden from you.. but you must perish... "
Shadow: " WHAT DID I DO :,( "
???: " Every time a pokemon goes through a wormhole... some of their energy is released... your energy has been disturbing our black holes.. and making them spawn less... You are ruining our plan of this world's death... "
Shadow: " Just let me go! I won't go through any more wormholes! I-I promise! "
???: " Fine.... one more chance for you... As for your friend... we will release him to... but his memory of the black holes and worm holes and such will be erased... Now leave. "
Shadow: " What do you mean by we- "
My vision whited out, and returned to normal, revealing that I was falling from the sky. My wings were too frail to take this fast of wind, so I could do nothing.... I hit the branch of a tree, and just got stuck on it. I squirmed a bit, but something sticky was binding me to it.
" Ugh... help... "
By Lettucecow
#61352 [I'm running around with my search party when I find shadow stuck in a tree] There you are! RAPID SPIN! [I also tell the geodude and graveler to use stone edge which breaks you off the tree] Where did you go?
By Waterboyr
#61361 ???: Gengar that's enough. We will let him go.
Gengar: Fine but he will be different.. Heheh VERY different. Shall we keep an eye on them? They might lead us to it. That Shadow seems to know something valuable and that Bidoof seems to have a memory and a secret. The third one I don't know about... Shall we spy on all three? They could never know we are there.
???: Yes. They will always be in our grasp. No matter if they roam free... They roam under our rule. They do not know it but they are never truly free. Go now!
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By Umbreon1110
#61571 " I-I really don't know where I was... ghost pokemon.. black holes... ugh... "
I fell unconscious... some sort of dark force was in my body... if it was not gone soon... no...

???: " Shadow is almost in our control. We need him to capture the other two for us... using his power in dark form, the core will be at our control, and the cosmos will be in our control... You three, go down to the planet to gauntee that the dark force is taking over Shadow. if it is not, well, you know what to do. "
????: " Yes, but you know the core's pull is stronger than anything we know. Even if we do get to it, how will we get past the core's guardians? "
???: " Leave that to me... as long as we get there... we will have total galactical control. "
????: " Yes master. I will be going to see if shadow is under our control yet. "
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By Umbreon1110
#61578 MEGA SPOILER ALERT --- ??? IDENTITY ( Fakemon )
Voident - The Void Pokémon
Moveset - Dark Pulse/Hyper Beam/Void Suction ( Sig move )/Psychic
Voident was said to be created at the heart of a dying mega-star. It is said that he invades the cores of stars, and makes them explode into hypernovas. Aiming for galactical control, he seeks the core. Yet, two other serpents guard it...