By Lettucecow
#63407 [I open my eyes after I fell over when we went into the wormhole] head.....Where are we?
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By Umbreon1110
#63518 [Now in Shadow's perspective again]

I opened my eyes, again, to see a garganchuant black hole in front of the pod. Thankfully, it was inactive. Two rifts floated next to it.
Shedinja: " Ah. There is the core. Yes, the core is that black hole right there. It has been inactive for millions of years. The two rifts lead to the core's guardian's dimensions. This may be a bit bumpy wen we enter a rift. "
Shadow: " Urk... "
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By MinerKombat1557
#66216 Pokémon: Mew
Pokémon Nickname: ( Optional ):
Pokémon History: ( Optional it does mewish things,
Pokémon Moveset: Psychic, transform, Hyper beam, Aura Sphere
Pokémon Age: 11, for a reason
It would be overpowered, mew just wants to be normal

Pokémon Appearance: Image
Pokémon traits: nothing, it would be OP
Pokémon personality: fun, likes to have fun, doesnt like to battle but will
RP Example: all of thew ones i am in