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By Umbreon1110
#60030 Instead of reviving the old RP, I decided to make a entire new one :D
Anyways... Heres all of le stuff

Plot ( Epicness )
The world of Pokémon has lived and thrived in peace for eternity. Yet, it ends here. Strange things have been happening worldwide. Strange ripples in space appear, sucking in victims, never to be seen again. Black holes appear and disappear on the planet, along with a rae Wormhole. and, a serpent like creature has been spotted along with these distortions. It wa confirmed to not be a known pokemon. This serpent has taken the lives of many, trainers and pokemon. It lurks, looking for it's next victim...

App Format
Pokémon Nickname: ( Optional ):
Pokémon History: ( Optional
Pokémon Moveset:
Pokémon Age:
Pokémon Appearance:
Pokémon traits:
Pokémon personality:
RP Example:

My App
Pokémon: Ninjask
Pokémon Nickname: Shadow
Pokémon History: He lived peacefully, wandering with his father as a Nincada. His dad was the first victim of the black hole incident, and the only survivor was Shadow. Out of rage, he left everyone, and lived in the forest. He evolved, and has survived many black holes and distortions, becoming a legend. Later, he eventually came out of hiding, and reporters for news centerals always seek him. Yet, this was overwhelming to him. Two years later, the whole '
Pokémon Moveset: Shadow Ball/ Aerial Ace / Bug Buzz / Extremespeed
Pokémon Age: 14 years
Pokémon Appearance: Normal ninjask, but green eyes
Pokémon traits: Good at flying, terrible at mazes
Pokémon personality: Short fuse, gullible, calm
RP Example: You know me

1. No controlling other peeps
2. You CAN have as many characters as you want
3. Follow the plot
4. No nonsense
5. Try to keep your character... Alive, basically

By Waterboyr
#60046 Pokémon: Bidoof
Pokémon Nickname: ( Optional ):
Pokémon History: ( Optional ): Bidoof has a history... of Bidoof activities.
Pokémon Moveset: Hyper Fang, Super Power, Rollout, Yawn
Pokémon Age: 12
Pokémon Appearance: Normal
Pokémon traits: Fast, Hungry, Bidoofish, and big teeth.
Pokémon personality: Happy, Slow sometimes, Fast sometimes, Excited, Cautious.
RP Example: All of them.
By Lettucecow
#60050 Pokémon: squirtle
Pokémon Nickname: ( Optional ): none
Pokémon History: ( Optional): lived in a river with his parents and friends until the river dried up and was attacked, he is now a nomad.
Pokémon Moveset: water gun, ice beam, rapid spin, aqua tail
Pokémon Age: 13
Pokémon Appearance: normal squirtle but has a scar across his face and had a light blue scarf
Pokémon traits: hates dry areas, good under pressure
Pokémon personality: headstrong, smart, clumsy, courageous, very brave,proud
RP Example: um...95% of roleplays here lol
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By Umbreon1110
#60060 Both accepted :)
I'll start off

I had stopped at a nearby town for the night, and so began my morning stress of answering the same question over and over again... Pokemon always surrounded me, and I felt claustrophobic...
*5 hours later*
Everyone had finally left me alone, which was a relif.
Shadow: " Finally... "
By Waterboyr
#60214 "NOOOO!!!!!!"
A peliper flys through the air to us but gets sucked up by a hole that appears and disappears.
"Um... Maybe we shouldn't be so close to this spot... It seens to have lots of these holes..."
*One the size of crater flashes in and out where the town used to be.