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By Rzxa
#59391 Do you remember the First Rp topic in pixelmon ever made?.....
Have you ever known the forgotten and the lost story?....
I remember....
Here is the story line....
The Rebooted Original Story....
Jolteon the legendary Eeveelution met a Strange fellow named Bisharp
They became friends but suddenly A Vapereon accidentally fall at them......
Bisharp woke up and fight a Trainer and His Gyrados but lost then he flew very far of a distance a Charmander found him and brought him to Audino's Hospital Charmander was tired carrying the Fat Bisharp then Charmander Fainted. Jolteon was near the Hospital but was Interupted by some kind of Dark Rotom but it wasn't any kind of Rotom it's eyes is menacing blood color and it's lighting is color black he then got defeated and was thrown over the window of the hospital Jolteon was severely bleeding Charmander woke up and saw the Jolteon bleeding Audino was terrified then suddenly lots of Dark Pokemon Surrounded the Hospital A Squirtle came in and was terrified Charmander was Super terrified That he suddenly evolved to a Charizard suddenly Darkrai Appeared and Defeated them all all of them fainted...

Now I can't remember everything in this story so now you the viewer must continue the story and go to the past...
Here's how to join
The app
And by the way everbody on the original Rp and the original story can RP right away

By Waterboyr
#59673 Okay then I'll start.
(Your storyline isn't anything like the old story really btw... lol)
I crawl away from the haunters.
I push myself out the window.
I'm in a town cover in a hazy dark fog. Destroyed. Apocalyptic. The haunter reach from the window for me and I blast them with water. I limp down a path holding my arm. Haunters lurk everywhere.
I see a few pokemon on the ground. they look up into the distance. They have purple eyes and moan.
I back away slowly and go the other direction.
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By Rzxa
#59680 *in a prison*
Hey Squirtle I see you we have to get out of here
* uses slash*
Bars broke down
By Waterboyr
#59684 I hear voices and sounds of battle. Then from somewhere else I heard a scream.
I limp away fast. I don't remember anything from the past 3 years besides Darkrai attacking me and giving me a nightmare.