By Lettucecow
#57946 I don't know if i'm the only one who likes this show on the forums, but I think its GREAT roleplaying material. If you know the show, then I'll go over the rules of this RPsince you already know what I'm talking about.

1: You can be any character from the show or you can make up your own :D
2: No making your character good at everything
3: After each challenge pm me the person you want eliminate the person who gets the most votes get voted out, but once it gets to the final 3 Eliminated people can choose who gets voted out and goes to the finale 2 you can then side with the person you want to win,If the if the person your rooting for wins, you get an instant gateway to the next season. [Others will get a chance too you'll see]

4: Have fun!

If you're not familer with the show its a animated spinoff of survivor, with the shows host Chris Mclean, and his crazy Assistant Chef.

Apply like this:


My application

Name: Jason
Appearance: Black hair in a crew cut, rectangular glasses, orange hoodie, black shorts,black shoes
skills: Knows martial arts, very smart, but super weak and shrimpy. Often labeled as "The nerd"
Personality: Nice to almost everyone, a little bit of a know it all, If someone makes fun of him or does anything bad to him, he WILL find a way to get payback.

Alright thats about it! There will be 10 spots for this roleplay!

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By Rzxa
#57994 Name:Flame
Appearance:gonna make art later soon when I'm finished with my school week
Skills:Very Good at the Bow , Good at swords,Runs fast,but very fragile
Personality: Hardheaded,Care about Animals,Appetite Super Big,Hates Losing,Talkative,Bluntish,and Lastly Immature sometimes
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By MinerKombat1557
#58014 Name: Skyknife
Appearance: Black and silver outfit with a silver V on his chest, this is skyknife awakened
Skills: Knows martial arts and really good with his weapons of choice, tech katana x2
Personality: Serious and very focused
By Lettucecow
#58041 Both of you are accepted, we'll tart the roleplay soon, when at least 8 people join.
By Lettucecow
#58069 Just asking, do you actually know what the show is? If you don't then I really recommend it, its hilarious.
By Lettucecow
#58088 That makes my life easier then :D
By Lettucecow
#58089 Cause I don't have t explain it :D
By Waterboyr
#59212 Name: Water
Appearance: Elvis costume
skills: Elvis impersonating
personality: The king's

(Okay I don't like this show that much but sure I need to be in every roleplay so yeah)