By Lettucecow
#57626 Follow them? If you're up to it, charmeleon then i'm okay with it.
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By Umbreon1110
#57693 " We'll let's go, I guess. "
20 minutes later...
" Hmm... We probably passed them by none. The grasslands are ending, and I see a huuuuige forest up ahead. So... What ahould we do now? "
By Waterboyr
#57730 *at the wall
(I will be introducing the darkness but for now to control the story it will just involve the pokemon rangers/patrollers)

Bulbasaur: It's destroyed...

Pokémon start flooding through the wall.
At first I thought they were breaking in. But then I realized the first few were running away...
And the rest had a purple aurora, a dark purple one. Many Haunters came. All of the pokemon rangers came to our side. (All of the starters in each region discluding the X and Y game ones)
The grass turned black every where. The wall was being corrosively ate away like magic when they went near it. Many things burned. The pokemon breached the walls. Where there wasn't openings they knocked the wall down. Sometimes we just saw hands reaching through holes.
Charmander then screamed: NO!
He used flash and everything disappeared. But the wall was still destroyed. The grass was still black. And the memory was still there. And it too was black.

*Where others are

All of the rangers were in the fields and whole area looking for the charmeleon and oshawott.

Me and my two friends sat down to take a rest near a pond.
I said, "Did you notice... Remember that old tower? The one that was built long ago. The one that was creepy and we had some soldiers patrol? It was the only thing those pokemon couldn't destroy.
Charmander: Yeah I noticed...
Bulbasaur: I have a feeling next time flash won't work on all of them. Maybe not at all.

(This is the waste land and tower now it was a pretty place fyi. The rest of the land is the old area just like in the old version of this roleplay. No more dark pokemon will come until I introduce them when we get enough characters.)
By Lettucecow
#57802 Where should we go ne-AGH! [A team of robbers jumped me] Now! Take his cash and throw him out! Razor shell! [I slash the sneasal and weavile with razor shell] Ugh..... get him! Shadow claw! [it slashes and ko's me] ugh....[I wake up] Huh? Where am I? [I see squirtle ] Oh hi! [I check my satchel] Oh! Those creeps stole my Poke!! [Money in the mystery dungeon games]
By Waterboyr
#57803 (I said we aren't doing the rest of the darkness yet and I mentioned the tower for no we will do a normal roleplay... Untill I re-introduce it right now we are looking for you and please don't include the tower with the dark pokemon yet)
By Lettucecow
#57805 [ooooh i thought the tower was the village sorry, And i did the haunter thing as a way to get back to you :/ I'll edit it if you want]