By Waterboyr
#57357 Charmander: What was that?
Bulbasaur: It came from the area the tower is in... Where the big wall that keeps people from getting in is with lots of our patrollers...
*many screams and big sounds are heard
Me and oshawott run out and find the others.
By Waterboyr
#57372 "Um... Stay here we will handle this. Take care of the charmeleon."
I run off with Charmander and Bulbasaur into the grasslands, and in a particularly tall grass area so you can't see us.
By Lettucecow
#57374 Okay then! [I grab some oran berries from my satchel] Eat these!
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By Umbreon1110
#57383 " T-thanks. "
I began to feel slightly stronger, and the flame on my tail became slightly bigger.
" I'm still sorta weak... but I think we should follow them... "
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By Rzxa
#57570 While Shadow is gone I use both charizard and Jolteon
*Jolteon running*
*Charizard Flying*
Charizard:I can't pinpoint What just happened did someone just reseted the Universe
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By Rzxa
#57571 *In Darkrai Lair*
Darkrai:those pokemons they defeated me last time
Darkrai:Luckily I Reseted the Universe I deleted all memories of the pokemon who have defeated me
Darkrai: And Also History Has Changed Muwahahahahahahaha!
By Waterboyr
#57614 Rzxa you have to reapply, we are not doing the darkness yet, and we are completely restarting nothing happened yet and no the universe was not reset. So your posts never happened... continue on now everyone.