By Lettucecow
#71649 Um since you ARE a haunter,...can't you levitate up ontop of the trees to see the way out?
By Waterboyr
#71723 "Well... For some reason... I don't have any powers here. I can't even use nay moves. You probably can't either... Why is there a forest here anyways? THis is like a magical, or haunted, or cursed, or whatever death forest. For sure death is included in the title. We are SO screwed! And there is probably dark pokemon in the forest."
By Lettucecow
#71725 I don't really need moves, I can still slash people with my scalchop. are we going to get out?
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By Rzxa
#71792 Guys I know a plan!
*grabs lettuce(sorry forgot your name) *
*throws him very high up in the air*
By Lettucecow
#71795 [my name is oshawott :P] Um...its just trees for as far as i can see...
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By Umbreon1110
#71849 *A While Later*
My wings were torn, my fire attacks would not work, along with all of my other attacks. A bit of blood dripped down my tail, and I saw a clearing below. I attempted to spread my wings a bit more to land but, one of them ripped, and I crash landed down, and went unocncious. Well, at least I just missed Haunter.