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By Umbreon1110
#69735 Meanwhile
I was hopelessly lost, just wastelands everywhere. I could not stop flying or the corrupted pokemon would get me... This place was booming with them. I continued flying forward.
By Lettucecow
#70926 We should go get some firewood,hey charizard [forgot you name :/] can you make a fire for us?
By Lettucecow
#71173 [I meant the charmander thats with haunter and the others :P sorry]
By Waterboyr
#71215 (You can't find the tower yet Umbreon... or at least you can't go in or see something in it, change it, etc.)
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By Umbreon1110
#71254 ( Ik )
My wings were becoming weak, and I could barely fly. Some corrupted pokemon began Shadow balling me, so I turned around and tried to get out of there
By Waterboyr
#71477 "We are lost. We are literally 100 miles into the forest and we are definitely not close to the other side. I thought they were burned down... Okay lets just backtrack!"
We go from the little clearing we were back about 100 miles and... end up i the same exact clearing.
*7 hours later
We end up in the same clearing.
With a completely crazy look, like "Put me in an Insane Asylum" look, I burst through some bushes into the clearing saying, "I know where we are going... What?!?!??! HERE?"
I drop to my knees in the middle of the clearing.
"Oh wait I remember what I really realized, I was hungry."
*eats map.
Apparently I was talking and no one listened, so then they heard, "-and the air is inaccessible because it's so thick and can't be burned or anything of the sort, we are lost, I don't know where the map is... And this is the worst part... brace yourselves..."
*Takes a deep breath
*starts hysterically balling and drops to knees banging on the ground like a child throwing a tantrum.
By Lettucecow
#71495 Dude are you okay? I think more then an oran is going to heal you. You seem like you have issues 0.0