By Lettucecow
#67593 Wait up! OH NO! [me and steve fall into one of fissures in the ground from the earthquake attack] AHHHH! Ugh.....where are we? I don't know? Seems like some sort of cave? Hmm..... What the???? [suddenly black smoke appears around me and I disappear]

[Switching to steve's perspective]

What the? Oshawott? Where did you go? Hmm....That black smoke looks like what attacked me when oshawott found me.....Hmm...better start finding a way out of this cave...I'll tell that squirtle guy hes missing.....[Steve starts wandering around the cave]

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By killthepast
#67679 *salamence will be my buddy for this*

*in the cave, me and salamence relax, a wild munchlax thinks i'm a fire, he sits down with some marshmelows and cooks them over my back, salamence was watching*

By Lettucecow
#67747 [that is really cute] I need to find a way out of this cave and find oshawott...... [steve is walking for a bit but then he sees a geyser shooting up water] Hmm..maybe...[steve jumps on the geyser and gets propelled to the surface] Great! Now to find oshawott and bring back cyndaquil!
By Waterboyr
#67928 Behind charizard, pokemon scurry in every direction.
I come out of the shadows and fall to the ground.
By Lettucecow
#67936 [steve is running to find charizard and oshawott but comes across a forest] Hmm....Maybe charizard headed in this direction? [I enter the forest and see oshawott laying on the ground with black smoke around him] Hey! Let oshawott go! Hehehehe.....[the black smoke turns into a gengar and starts firing sludge bombs at steve] AH! Huh....what......[oshawott wakes up] Oh steve! Watch out oshawott! A gengar! Razor shell! [steve slashes the gengar and it disappears in a puff of black smoke]
Thanks for saving me! No problem!
[switching back to oshawott's perspective]

Now to find charizard and cyndaquil!
By Waterboyr
#68025 *dark pokemon swarm me and grab me and carry me away before you can do anything.
They drag me by my arms while I'm facing you. I don't even resist.
(You can't save me ever fyi like no getting to me that time will come.)
I wake up in a tower with Gengar and haunter's and a darkai in the corner. Many infected pokemon plan and grow in the room.
They notice I'm up.
Haunter: SO how do you like your new home? Roomy right?
Me: Like I will ever willingly do anything for you. This isn't my home!
Haunter: Then I should tell you.. Your infected.
I look at myself. Form waist down I'm purple and waist up is a purplish blue color which means it's spreading.
Me: No, no, no!
I struggle and remember... My gauntlet... But it can't help me. The haunters start laughing and I sit there knowing the horrible truth...
I am one of them.
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By Umbreon1110
#68166 I circled above Oshawott. had seen the whole thing on what happened to Squirtle as well. I was still clutching the orb.
" No... This cant be happening. "
I wrapped the orb up in some cloth and attached a letter onto it. The cloth acted as a parachute for the orb. I dropped it down to Osawott then flew back to the cave
I had finally made it back to the cave, and landed.
" Bad news... tired... ugh.. "