By Lettucecow
#65561 (I know there some random pokemon I found by the lake not rangers)

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By Umbreon1110
#65895 Meanwhile, I managed to get back up to my feet and growled at cyndaquill
" You destroyed our home, you injured my friends, and now they are probably lost! "
I roared, and began charging a blast burn, overcome with rage
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By killthepast
#65954 Flare: What?, why would i do such a horrible thing, you look like a nice pokemon, so please don't kill me!, you must be looking for a different cyndaquil, because i don't know where you live

*what he looks like right now*

By Waterboyr
#66027 "NO! We saw you do everything! YOU WILL PAY! You have ruined everything!"
I jump up and use and aquatail directly on cyndaquil, a critical hit.
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By killthepast
#66119 Flare: you..ARE SO GONNA PAY FOR THAT!

*a wild salamence comes swooping down*

Salamence: what do you think your doing?! this cyndaquil is innocent, it was a quilava who destroyed your base, i saw! i was watching from the air!

Flare: he's Right, besides i think your all a bunch of good chaps, just don't kill me!
By Waterboyr
#66589 "Oh yeah? Than why do you smell like the quivila, have the same bruises and cuts etc. in the same places have the same scars the same voice and have the same eyes? You will have to fight us for the right to go unpunished! Maybe you have some power to change back or maybe your infected and it's a side effect. But either you come with us willingly- or by force!"
By Lettucecow
#66801 I'm walking them the injured pokemon back to the base when I see the whole fight going on] Well You do sound like the quilava....and you DO have the same cuts so This is my rebuttle! [I get the search party to surround cyndiquil and I hold my scalchop in my hand ready to do a razor shell attack] you're going to pay!
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By killthepast
#66921 *Salamence lookes at the pokemon, horrified*

THIS WILL NOT BE HIS DESTINY! *uses thunderbolt, KOing all the pokemon in a matter of seconds*

Cyndaquil: why did you do that?

Salamence: didn't you see, THEY wanted to kill u

Well, lets rebuild there base, because we dident do this, right!


*a few days later...*

there all done

*a wild eevee appears*

Eevee: quick run!
By Waterboyr
#67234 *Attacks Salamence anyway
"We don't care about the base! You just randomly attack us and lie! You can't beat us all!"
We all attack with full strength and K.O. Salamence and grab cyndaquil and knock him out. We don't see the eevee and drag cyndaquil back to out camp and start to decide what to do next.