By Lettucecow
#67464 [one hit? Oh whatever nevermind] Go flame! Fire blast!

By Waterboyr
#67488 Scizor Use swift- No Scizor! Return. Go Gengar! Use Confuse Ray and now Shadow Punch!
By Lettucecow
#67594 NO! [charizard falls down ko'd] We're not done yet! Go spooks! Use shadow claw!
By Waterboyr
#67622 "Gengar Destiny Bond!"
After a few hits Gengar loses but takes out spooks with him.
"Okay now go Arcanine! Use Extreme Speed!"
(Arcanine should lose here)
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By Umbreon1110
#67899 The ambulances had already taken me away, but all of my pokemon were waiting at the league. Blitz and Hydra had a quick "Conversaion" then, Blitz panicked for a moment. Blitz told the others something and they rushed into the league. Shadow used Dark pulse on the door, revealing the others battling, Hydra and Blitz roared to get their attention, but Coconut was still running in circles.
By Waterboyr
#67924 "No Arcanine!"
I notice the other pokemon...
I send out plusle and say, "Plusle eliminate them. Before anyone can react or do ANYTHING plusle hurdles toward Blitz and Hyrda and electrocutes them and then hits them really violently out of the doorway and the door shuts and locks but this time thicker.
"Now... Plusle has been charging for hours... PLUSLE THUNDER!"
By Lettucecow
#67938 OH CRAP! [salsa gets ko'd] Go bro! LEAF STORM!
By Waterboyr
#67958 "Plusle dodge it! Use Fake Tears!"
Plusle uses it as it gets hit and faints but the attack is successful.
"Minun GO! Use Agility and then quick attack swift combo!"
(how many pokemon do you have left?)
By Lettucecow
#67974 [you ko'd 4 of mine] OH no sceptile! [5 now :P] Go armaldo! Use stone edge!