By Waterboyr
#72477 Crashes come from the woods.
Many explosions too.
(If you want me to be able to do the new criminals lead by Sam's parents, that are stronger than every criminal organization, then this is them. if not, it's a bunch of Team Rocket grunts.)
Plusle leaps out of the bush and lands on the ground.
They come out with magmortars, rhyperiors, electivires, and Crobats.
Plusle is covered in dirt and and has countless bruises, deep gashes, and cuts.
Even some scars.
And amazingly...
The crobat strike and Plusle dodges with great speed and jumps behind them and shocks them, defeating them.
THe rest of the pokemon are slow so whenever they attack Plusle just uses agility and charge until Plusle can't anymore and attacks with a mega Thunder.
All of the pokemon fall to the ground, and plusle is left weeping while the Rockets retreat but will obviously be back soon.

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By Umbreon1110
#72718 Sam: " Well I think I can turn human again now.. "
My body began to glow, and I became my old human self again.
Sam: " Hopefully nobody saw that... Lets go. "
I felt like we were being watched...
By Lettucecow
#72732 [we're not there umbreon, we're boarding the boat.]
By Lettucecow
#72942 [We board the boat] Can you become human again? Attention passengers! We will be reaching cascade island in 1 hour!
By Lettucecow
#73058 [You could come back as a new character because I have plans to continue this RP for a while longer]