By Lettucecow
#71454 [I see tsubasa getting engulfed in the flames] Oh well he got what he deserved! Lets go home, back to jewel town! We can tell professor maple all about our journey!
By Waterboyr
#71478 My pokemon turn to Jason after what he said...
After seeing them beat him before he attacked...
Basically leading to the death of him...

Plusle and Minun use Nasty Plot.... and then...
They then, the whole team, use payback.
(Some of them can't learn it so if you want me to change it I will)
By Lettucecow
#71494 [nah its fine :P] What the? Go lax! Use protect! [snorlax guards against the attack] Now hyper beam! [[snorlax shoots a hyper beam at all of your pokemon]
By Waterboyr
#71640 Darkrai deflects it for everyone and they use payback again, and this time... They hit Jason and Lax.
By Lettucecow
#71650 I've had enough of this go star! RAPTOR!!!! [I get on staraptor and start flying back to jewel town]
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By Umbreon1110
#71717 I turned around to see Jason gone, along with the legendaries. Apart from Darkrai and the bird, of course. All my pokemon had gone into their balls as well, and my wing was a bit damaged, so I could not fly.
" Ugh... Listen.. I know how you guys feel.. I-I'm sorry.. I really am "
I flopped to the ground, and had a quick flashback, then fell unconcious
By Waterboyr
#71720 My attacks Sam nonstop. using Payback, discharge, dark void, nightmare, blizzard, thunder, and every attack they can, and just plain beating and kicking.
Then suddenly, someone grabs minun and disappears and everyone stops.
And someone steals all of the pokeballs and takes the whole team... except for plusle.
Yet minuns and plusles have strong bonds...
Plusle knows Minun isn't in a poke-ball.
Plusle cries out.
Once again...
Life repeats itself.
By Lettucecow
#71726 [I watching from the air and see the whole thing happen] What? That can't be! I thought they....Hmm....I'll think about it later, now to snag sam in this moment of confusion! [Staraptor swoops dawn and grabs sam and we start flying off] Hmm..since you ARE a pokemon..sorta...maybe this would work? [I grab out a hyper potion and use it on sam] Does your wing feel any better?