By Waterboyr
#70558 (Okay... That was awesome right? Any feedback because I want to be an author one day possibly or story making of some kind. Do you think I could make great books or things like that?)

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By Umbreon1110
My team got back up to their feet, a bit dazed from the dream. They spoke to each other a bit in the pokemon language for a minute, then Shadow pointed something out. Everyone looked around, and Dark stared straight up at something. One thing was certain...
I was gone.
By Lettucecow
#70591 [sorry I was gone I was on vacation and that was ****** awesome waterboyr] Ugh...that dream was horrible......huh? Where did sam go?
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By Umbreon1110
#70596 Meanwhile...
I opened my eyes slightly... I had had a different dream. A light had envelope me, and I saw four monstrous figures in the distance. I was in some sort of different dimension, still a Latios.
One of the figures turned to me and walked over. It was Dialga. The other three were Palkia, Giratina, and Arceus.
ME: " W-where am I... "
ARCEUS: " Like I have to say it.. "
DIALGA: " Its long story, but here it is in a nutshell. When Tsubasa's Darkrai knocked you out with Dark Void and Nightmare, it was overloading your body, yourself being once human and all. If he would of known better... well... uh... Arc you say it... "
ARCEUS: " Well,,, you're sorta dead right now. "
ME: " WHAT. "
ARCEUS: " You can return to the normal world, but... "

Back at the mountain...
Shadow stared at the sky, fearing the worst had happened. Black Kyurem and Reshiram were not effected by the dream, being legendary. Thy circled Thu-Fi-Zer and charged their attcks. Blitz and Shadow discussed something for a bit, and tears filled Blitz's eyes, but Shadow comforted him. A light, far in the sky, far from Earth, shone brightly, as if trying o say something...
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By killthepast
#70636 (awesomeness)

*i was also alone, my team had killed someone evil, it didnt feel right, i killed a friend, a pal and an rival, i didn't feel right, i felt, sad*

*i saw body parts and blood*

WHAT! did i do this, it was ment to knock him out... ;(

Kid Mewtwo: it wasn't your fault

Huh? mewtwo? what happened to us?

We are the only living creatures from earth left, we must fight pokemon, gods and aliens to get out

*suddenly, typhlosion, Samurott, Sceptile, Garchomp and Lucario surrounded me, fearlessly, we fought many creatures from diffrent worlds, we overcame them and were victorious, i started to fade and my pokemon went into pokeballs*

*I find myself where sam is*

Lochlain: what the... hi sam!
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By Umbreon1110
#70692 Arceus stared blankly at Lochilain, and Dialga did not seem to notice.
Arceus: " Your friends are still alive. That last part you had with the body parts and all was a dream, Lochilain. "
A glowing ball of light formed on Arceus's forehead, and it lowered down in front of me and Lochilain. Inside the ball showed Jason, Tsubasa and his pokemon, and my pokemon. I began to realize why he called it "The Final Battle"...
Sam: " Arceus. Send me back. I know the risks, but I have to help.. "
Arceus: " ...Alright. The four of us will help as well. You think we will just sit here while outer creation falls into darkness? Tsubasa may think he is doing the right thing... and he thinks it feels so good and stuff. He doesn't know how it feels to watch something you worked hard on, in this case, the earth, cripple into evil and darkness... Lets go. "
By Waterboyr
#70724 "... So Jason I'm expecting more are coming by now. Sam died just from living my memories... His brain couldn't take it... He will be back with the legendary pokemon. They will try to win. they might. But... Let me actually show you my pokemon now."
I release all of my pokemon.
"We created this pokemon with the same device that created Lugia..."
Sabrina comes in with a Victini in her team...
Lt. Surge comes with a Thundurus and his team.
Koga comes with a Spiritomb and his team.
Giovanni comes with a Groudon and his team.
"And someone else you have to fight... You know... I was thinking about not destroying you. But after you nearly killed me before I attacked... I don't think so. You deserve what's coming."
And with that the four Rocket leaders attack and so do 10 elite rocket trainers and grunts swarm the mountain.
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By Umbreon1110
#70731 Just as all the rockets began charging, roars echoed through the sky, an a Judement attack hit all of the Rocket's pokemon, doing severe damage. Many, Many, Many portals appeared, and legendary pokemon flew out. Arceus, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Mew, Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yveltal, and me, alongside Arceus.
ARCEUS: I called upon these legends, for the world is in danger, because of you. Now you got me involved in this mess, and you are trying to get away with taking over everything just because. Now, you got your God against you. More like all of your gods. Palkia, distort. "
PALKIA: " Whatever you say, Arceus. "
Palkiai's eyes glew, and a indestructible distorted bubble formed around each and every rocket, and their pokemon.
ARCEUS: " Now, what do you have to say for yourselves? "
Arceus's eyes glew, and a judgment attack began charging. Obviously, he judged you guilty,
By Waterboyr
#70732 "That you are cheap. You almost destroyed the world. That you just come here and you were just born with power and instead of fighting you just bring every strong pokemon. And that... I'm no longer here."
And with that, every rocket and their pokemon disappear.
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By Umbreon1110
With a quick flash, Arceus banished all of the rockets to the Distortion World for a week, so they can learn their lesson.
ARCEUS: " Giratina, treat your guests a "visit" "
Giratina created a portal and flew to the distortion world, in front of the rockets.
GIRATINA: " Welcome to ****. You cannot get out, unless me or Arceus kindly lets you free. Untill then, YOU ARE STUCK HERE. "
Giratina roared and gravity started going insane,

SAM: " That was easy. "

( Arceus could of just done something like this... :3 )