By Waterboyr
#69713 I walk out and my other pokemon scatter the area...
And then I release my full team...
My real Team.
With the bird.

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By Umbreon1110
#69729 Reshiram nudged me, and gestured to a stillhoute in the distance. I whispered something to BK, then he launched his Freeze shock at it, which was a direct hit.
Sam: " I know you're there! What do you want from us, and why did you do this to me?! "
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By Umbreon1110
#69827 I still charged my Focus Blast. At the sight of that Darkrai, I knew this was Tsubasa's team. But that bird fusion really just scared the**** out of me. I was not sure if I was ready for this, and I backed away slightly.
Sam: " A-answer me! "
Reshiram: " What he said! "
By Waterboyr
#69963 "Well for one you would've died... And two: This is a whole lot of fun! Especially after pushing those people off this mountain... Do you want to fight? Or do you want me to tell the truth?"
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By Umbreon1110
#69973 I gulped. Yes, I wanted to kick this guy's butt, but a Darkrai, and THAT THING? Nearly impossible.. But I knew I had Reshiram an Black Kyurem on my side... My pokemon would also not give up without a fight. If I would of died, how come Team Rocket did it, though I was against them? I stare in silence, my attack still charging. A blue aura began to surround me, and the Focus Blast blazed with unimagineable power. I let out a low growl, still silent,
By Waterboyr
#70209 "Well for starters... your parents are team rocket. Your dead acidently spilled pokemon genes on you and it might've been mudkip or something. At the age you are now you would've violently mutated gaining pokemon traits and powers and maybe things like tails... And then it would destroy your DNA and kill you. So for you parents and our own interest we did this and thye sent me on this journey... (Tells whole backstory)."
Sam's parents step out of the shadows. "Come here and be with us..."
"Oh and Jason of course I wouldn't forget how to pull your strings... Remember your rattata that you were terribly beat with when you pushed it overboard? And it was seriously hurt and they took it away because it hated you and was afraid of you?"
A raticate come out of the shadows.
"And for some reason the pokedex I stole still says your it's trainer even though we own it... And I taught it a move... Frustration."
"Oh and you whoever you are again we will gladly remove you with Pokemon..." (MinerKombat)
I grin a dark, evil, soulless grin. And it feels os so good.
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By Umbreon1110
#70234 My arms were trembling now, and some mixed emotions filled my body. Reshiram tried to comfort me a bit.
Sam: " T-there's n-no way I-I'd join you... Y-you betrayed us... You h-have no heart for p-pokemon.., After everything your pokemon h-have done f-for you.. They obey you, e-even though they k-know its wrong... Because t-they trust you... "
A stronge rage filled my body
Sam: " Even though I was with you, I am no longer! Even though that's where my family may be, I won't go! My friends are more important now... My pokemon are more important... We won't let you do this, even if you take our lives! "
I began to think that this may be my final battle... Blitz's eyes were a bit glassy, and BK Let out a roar at the opposing Rockets. I lifted my hand up, as if signaling, and the original Latios and Latias flew over, along with a lot of fully evolved wild pokemon, and Latias held a purple flute in one of her hands, and passed if to me. My Focus Blast was beyond Max charge now, and I fired it straight at Tsubasa, and it hit, making a large explosion. My eyes were glowing red, and I began telepathically communicating to Thu-Fi-Zer.
Sam ( Telepathy ): Is this really what you want? You are a legend, and you have a choice. You may be contained in a pokeball, But you would want the world to fall into darkness? Think about all the other pokemon, and all of the other Articunos, Zapdoses, and Moltreses.. Is this the future you desire?
I cut off the telepathy, and raised the flute Latias gave to me.
Sam: " Don't make me get your god into this! I'll do it! "
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By killthepast
#70244 Lochlain: well... if you wanna die BE MY GUEST!

GO Blaziken! Mega Evolve!

Go Mewtwo! *he mega evolves too*

*mewtwo strikes waterboyr with psychic and he goes flying, and i mean flying like team rocket!*

Blaziken Use Blaze Kick!

*uses blaze kick while waterboyr is in the air*

Go Typhlosion Use Eruption!

Gallade Use Psycho Cut!

Staraptor Use Brave Bird!
By Waterboyr
#70554 "I know you are talking to the birds. But they don't care. You can't change ANY of my pokemon's feelings EVER. It's no use. They don't think we are bad. They feel it's good. They have stories... Trainers that literally remind me of exactly you people... Gave the mup and they were never treated kindly until I came. Your beating me right now. You rkicking me, you just broke my ribs, fractured me in places and I have bruises everywhere now, and I haven't even attacked yet. Does that seem fair to you? Right? No matter how bad I am... You people are exactly like me. ALl humans are. But some are worse. You brin all of these pokemon knowing you'll just probably be fighting me. You don't ever think if there is a reason that I'm on Team Rocket or my pokemon don't hate more or why I was ever nice to you. Because honestly... You don't care. And yet you don't know, these things are true hate. Anger. It burns into your system. But maybe if you understand and don't be such imachure brats maybe you'd finally think and see things that are right in front of you... You have to look hard. Maybe you could see... WEll you should. Maybe you'll get tough if possible for you."

Darkrai holds his hand up and you all fall asleep.

You wake up in a bed.
(All of you in separate ones)
Your pokemon team surrounds you.
Your in a nice neighborhood life is perfect. You just know it.
Then, suddenly you hear a loud crash and screams. It's your mom's scream. You hear your dad yell and you hear loud slashing sounds.
You hide. You can't control your body being forced to feel emotions and hide...
You run to the corner and curl up.
The door is banged on and you hide where they you can't be seen.
Someone comes in and takes all of your pokemon.
Behind him... Proffessor Oak comes and carries the off too. They struggle and try to get to you but they are forced away. You come out but step on something tht makes a squaek. It's a pickachu plush doll. You hear them coming down the hall slowly to your room. You run to the window and see your parents in a cop car.
You pull down a different window facing the backyard and climb out it and stand on the roof. You close it as they come in. They open both windows and scared, you jump and fall to the ground.
You feel the terrible pain, a broken ribcage, fractured wrist, permanent knee damage.
You stumble and crawl away knowing what would happen if they took you away.
You keep crawling and everything fades away like your skipping ahead...
Then your suddenly in a chair and know it's a few years later. You still have knee pain and smaller pain everywhere else because you never got them treated. You think about something. Once again you can't control it. You think: Turns out they were innocent... They took my house, family, hurt me, scared me, orphaned me, my pokemon, my life... And it was for nothing. And he knew no matter what... His family couldn't support him... And he was not going to an orphanage. Not ever.
Next your around the Kanto elite four them all defeated.

Each gym leader pops up like a small memory your living, and you always win.
Each elite four.
Legendary pokemon.
Team Aqua.
Team Magma.
Team Galactic.
Team Volt.
Team Plasma.
But most surprising of all... Latios. Latias. Reshiram. Zekrom.
Even his fellow team rocket gym leader equivalent's.
Each one took over one region while purely grunts had taken over the others.
All with this great team.
Then once again... It was taken away.
You run away from Officer Jennies. You can tell many of the memories were after this one because you had different pokemon sometimes.
You run away from trainers. The world.
They never stop battling you, some to turn you in, some to test your strength because of your high position in Team Rocket, and some just because.
Suddenyl it's a swarm of them them all beating your pokmeon with theirs until their pokemon are fainted but they attack more to make sure. You feel like a weak kid again. Some of the moves and explosions go stray and hit you and you fly back.
No Rocket's are in this area. They take your pokemon.
You limp away.
No pokemon.
No family.


And in this terrible nightmare you felt every emotion and the pain was real. (At the beginning it was your pokemon but the rest of it was mine and some old teams)

And you could hear some of his thoughts ones he wanted you too.

One stood out:
No one likes me. THey hurt me. The people that I thought were good. But sometimes, being bad is the only way not to get hurt by others. And sometimes, it just feels downright good.
It feels...
The right thing.
It feels good.
It feels...

And then it ends.