By Waterboyr
MinerKombat1557 wrote:(you have a lugia and he has a darkrai, ubers much? plus he will just be normal deoxys*

*a grunt is in my path*

Go Blaziken!
Go Raticate!
*blaziken mega evolves*

Use Blaze kick!

*raticate faints*

*speed boost*

Go Golbat!

Blaziken use Blaze Kick!

*uses flare blitz*

*golbat fains*

*speed boost*

Grr! go Alakazam!

Blaziken use Flare Blitz!

*alakazam faints*

Lochlain: too easy

(Okay it's fair considering the pokemon you gave yourself and it's longer than our lists. And Lettuce you od know that we are all on the mountain not at the base?)

By Lettucecow
#69567 [normal deoxsys is fine :P and we're flying to the moutain :P]
By Lettucecow
#69578 Me and sam fought team volt who had a shadow lugia and I caught and purified it also sam is a latios now.
By Waterboyr
#69585 (Okay)
"Well... Should we start the battle now or later Giovanni? Wait until they get to the top okay... I don't think we should send are gym trio or elite trio, even though the elites our less than the gym leaders... We should use the 6 as backup just incase... So they could fight with you. I might lose. I know you don't think that but I've seen them."

(Real Team)
Bird that I haven't revealed

(Gengar is with other pokemon of mine out they will fight but I will not command them and they will fight with your other pokemon not n your real team, and I think they should all get defeated)
By Lettucecow
#69595 [Um...lugia isn't my real team, I a don't think gengar could defeat a frikin lugia lol]
By Waterboyr
#69596 (... Did you see my whole list earlier *facepalm. Of my other pokemon. And then you guys have a list. And then all o our other pokemon could get knocked out... And say some Grunts were fighting your other pokemon too but they had strong ones. But our real teams will battle.)
By Lettucecow
#69600 [um......I don't know I think a battle with all our pokemon would be better]
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By Umbreon1110
#69699 ( Real Team - Latios ( Me ) - Reshiram ( Temporary ) - Black Kyurem ( Temporary ) - Charizard - Lucario - Umbreon )
I flew up the mountain's summit, heading to it's peak alongside Reshiram and B.K ( Black Kyurem ) I caught them up on what happened, with Tsubasa being evil, lasers, Team Rocket, etc, you get the point. I tried yanking off the collar again, but no luck.
BK: " Well we're at the top... I sense the presence of others. Charge your attacks. "
I sent out my three remaining pokemon, Blitz, Lucario, and Shadow. We all formed into a circle. I charged Focus Blast, Shadow charged Dark Pulse, Lucario charged Aura Sphere, Blitz charged Blast Burn, Reshiram charged Draco Meteor, and BK charged Freeze Shock.
Me: " Come on out you *******! You are in for a whooping! "