By Lettucecow
#69311 [I can't I need to wait for umbreon :/] I did make a new post in explorers of shadows though.]

By Waterboyr
#69330 (So backstory I will tell umbreon character if umbreon and you approve:
Sam's parents were in Team Rocket.
When he was a baby he climbed out of his crib and got into his father's experiments and viles and etc.
It modified his genetic code and added pokemon DNA. But pokemon evolve they don't grow into adults unless they evolve. So at the age he was at when turning into Latios they predicted he would die. So Team Rocket exploited it by saving a Rocket's son and gaining something out of it.
If he hadn't died or become a Latios... He would dangerously morph and change and grow pokemon traits, probably a specific pokemon's.
So Latios's DNA could match the cells imputed into him meaning they could turn him into the pokemon's DNA he had and a few others.
I was there to use him to defeat Team Volt and make sure he didn't get hurt.
Now Lettucecow you can make a backstory for yourself or we can.
But tell me so I can make one.
MY backstory is well mainly just I'm a powerful leader of the Rockets. I have the same amount of ranking and political power as the three Gym Leaders in the team but more power in pokemon and spirit etc.)
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By Umbreon1110
#69415 ( Sorry for my time offline. There was a power outage over here, had no generator, and my labtop ran outta battery. >.< Anyways, backstory approved as well, bt my character has no idea about it lets say. He'll figure out soon enough.)

I flew back to the camp with Blitz. He had taught me how to use moves, abilities, etc. Also, I had figured out a few other abilities of a Latios. I figured out invisibility, telepathy, extreme speeds, and some new moves, but I was confused one just one thing that none of my pokemon could help me with. Another Latios or a Latias might know how to do it though. I stayed up most of the night trying to yank the collar off of me, but no luck. I plled out my dex and listened to the recordings of the most recent news, trying to make sense of it. I began to wonder if I was ever going to return to normal. Would I spend the rest of my life fleeing from humans, what I once was? Well, at least I still have arms, and im not like a Arbok or a Serperior or something. And I'm a legendary pokemon. But still, what would I do for the rest of my life like this if I had to?
*The next morning*
I was laying on top of a tree, staring at the sky, just pondering a bit. I looked down to see if Jason woke up.
Sam: " Its morning, WAKE UP. "
By Lettucecow
#69416 AHHHHHHH! NO MORE SYRUP! MOMMMY! I DON'T LIKE MY LITTLE PONYTA! NO MORE WAFFLES? Oh wait its was just a dream...Um....just forget you heard that k?
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By Umbreon1110
#69421 Sam:" Well, I'm going to fly around a bit. See ya in a few. "
I flew of into the skis, looking at my dex.
Sam:" They should be here.. according to the entries.. "
I circled around a rather foggy lake, looking for stillhoutes in the fog. I saw something moving, so I swooped down. There was a large cave. Obviously, I went inside. something was moving around quickly in the cave,
Sam:" Hello? "
The thing leapt out of the shadows and landed on my neck. It spoke something in the pokemon language.
Sam: " You're.. standing on.. my throat.. "
???: " You speak human? Er, sorry.. self defense. "
The figure flew up a bit into the light, revealing that it was a Latias. a Latios flew next to it. these two were probably the original ones.
Latias: " So, why are you a Latios? Are you a ditto or something? "
Sam: " No, no, no. Just no. I'm originally a human... Team Rocket AKA Team Dofus did this to me. "
Latios: " WHAT? YOU ARE A WHAT? "
Sam: " I told you, im originally a human! "
Latias: " Calm down Latios.. he has no pokeballs on him. Why did you come here? "
Sam: " Well, ya see, there this guty with a Darkrai, and ill have to battle him eventally, I really have no moves good on dark types, s I need you two to train me. "
Latias: " A Darkrai? This seems serious. We'll help. "
Latios's eyes were glowing, then faded back o normal.
Latios: " I see... you need help with the revert technique. "
Sam: " Yeah.. my dex said something about that. "
Latias: " Well, lets begin training. "
By Lettucecow
#69424 Well since latisam flew off somewhere I guess I'll just walk around and admire nature....[I see a heracross on a tree branch] Hmm...Might as well.... Go star! RAPTOR!!!! Use Aerial Ace! [star slashes the unaware heracross and it falls of the brach ko'd] Go pokeball! [shake,shake,click!] Yes caught a heracross...lets see your you know stone edge brick break, horn attack, and mega horn nice! I wonder where latisam flew off too...
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By Umbreon1110
#69431 *5 hours later*
Latios: " Okay, time for Focus Blast. It will be helpful on that Darkrai, Its pretty easy to aim. "
Sam: " Okay, lemme try. "
I charged up a blue ball of light, and held it in front of me, aiming at a large boulder.
Latios: " Okay, charging is done, as yo can see from the blue aura surrounding it now, so fire! "
I released the ball, and the boulder shattered into bits. one of the pieces hit a Staraptor.
Sam: " Oops. "
Latias: " Well.. we got Focus Blast, Luster Purge, Psychic, and Dragon Rush covered, along with enhanced speed, invisibility, dodging, Dark/Ghost type moves, stat problems, and excaping pokeballs. All that's left is the Revert Tehnique, as we like to call it. In the movie, which i'm sur you've seen, we both have human forms. That is the Revert technique. You can return to your human self, but only for 2 hours at a time, with a six hour recharge time. All you need to do is just use your psychic powers on yourself, and just think... human. Even though you may look like a human in that form, you still are a latios, so if someone throws a ball, you'll go in. The only way to tell is to use a thermal camera, as being a pokemon, your body temperature is lower. Well, try it out! "
Sam: " Okay.. I hope I don't goof up again. "
I did as they instructed, and my vision whited out for a bit. It returned to normal, and I looked down to see my human self.
Latios: " Well, we got everything covered now. Remember, two hours human, six hours charge. you will go to Latios form automatically when time is up. And you can go back to Latios form whenever as well.
Sam: " ITS A MIRACLE. PEOPLE WILL ACUALLY RECOGNISE ME NOW. Well, thanks guys, ill let you know how the battle goes. "
I thought I saw Jason in the distance... when I turned around, Latias and Latios were gone...
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By Umbreon1110
#69435 Sam:" Well, I'm actually still a Latios, its just that Latioses can turn into a human for a short period of time. Well, remember the new yesterday with Mt.I-forget-what-its-called? I heard that Team Rocket, AKA Team Derp is ther. GOD I AM GIVING THEM A WOOPING OF THEIR LIFT FOR WHAT THEY DID TO ME... Hey, do you still have that Lugia? I did catch a few pokemon in victory road myself.. So, yeah. "