By Waterboyr
#68742 I dodge each move like an acrobat.
"Just go... See you at the final battle..."
I disappear into the air and so does darkrai.
By Lettucecow
#68748 go staraptor! come on! Escape while we got the chance!
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By Umbreon1110
#68749 Sam: " Well. he went bye bye. AND IM STILL STUCK LIKE THIS. What did he mean by "Final Battle?" Are we going to die or something?! Well.. we know he has a Darkrai.. and the legendary birds. and I probably will have to stay like this for some time. Ugh. We don't even know where he is. "
Shadow: " You are a psychic type. You might have Future sight on your move list. But only the pokedex can check moves. But worst of all, considering you are not kept in a pke ball o some sort, and if someone threw one at you you wold be a pokemon forever.. currently you are a "wild pokemon". Someone may master ball you.
Sam: " Yeah.. best to not be seen in public, for me, at least... Any ideas Jason? "
By Lettucecow
#68848 I got some ideas, [I get out my pokedex and check your moves] holy **** your a powerhouse! You dragon pulse, psychic, double team, and hidden power. do you use a move? well, we'll figure that out later hop on staraptor!
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By Umbreon1110
#68858 Sam: " Well, I have wings, I gotta learn how to do all of this stuff before we run into that Darkrai again. Where are we going anyways? The closest place is the league, but I would really not be that safe there. There also is a small village nearby I think.. Well, I gotta learn how to fly a bit better, so this would be some good training for me. "
I flew near my bag, which was on the ground, and pulled out my pokemon's balls and retrieved them. I also grabbed my poked ex, and grabbed my bag. Then, I managed to get up into the air.
Sam: " This flying stuff is acually pretty easy... "
I flew up and out of the base, and stared down. I saw something moving, so I flew down near it. it was some sort of security camera.
Sam: " What the? "
It shot some sort of band that latched itself around my neck. It was some sort of collar.. I tried yanking it off, but it just shocked me. It was black, with some sort of screen on the front, and a R on the side of it.
Sam: " Just great.. I think this is a tracker of some sort. Well they would be stupid if thy wanted to battle a Latios.. Eh, ill just go with it. "

( This is sorta what I look like atm )
By Lettucecow
#68907 I know a place we can land! There is a very dense forest nearby that I caught staraptor in, the dense trees could give us cover.
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By Umbreon1110
#68937 " Well lets go there, I guess. "
*halfway there...*
The wind felt a bit stronger than before, and it was hailing a bit. I was looking at my pokedex, trying to find out a bit more about Latioses. The wind started to get stonger, and I was struggling to stay airborne. The hail was a lot stronger.
" Ugh.. Are we almost there? This is getting hard for me.. "
I read up a bit on my pokedex... It said that a Latios can fly faster then a jet plane, make themselves invisible, and one other thing.
" Well... Race ya there! "
I folded in my arms, straightened out my wings, and flew at full speed.