By Waterboyr
#68524 * I fly against the wall knocked out from multiple explosions.
(Your chance to escape I'm knocked out)

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By Umbreon1110
#68527 Sam: " Correction-Latios. Not Latias. But I can't stay like this forever! This MIGHT be permedant unless there's something around here that can undo it! But this may be our only chance of escape! "
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By Umbreon1110
#68530 I turned to Tsubasa.
Sam: " Can someone explain to me why he is dressed like team rocket? He would not join them... Would he? "
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By Umbreon1110
#68535 Sam: " Why does he look like a team rocket guy??? "
I flew over near Tsubasa and shook him awake.
Sam: " Why the **** are you dressed like team rocket?!?!? "
By Waterboyr
#68550 "Because I am Sam... Darkrai attack!"
I say this while against the wall smiling looking away from Sam.
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By Umbreon1110
#68600 Sam:" Did you seriously just rhyme that. Wait, Darkrai? You have a Darkrai? How did you- "
I was interrupted by a Dark Pulse headed in my direction, but I ducked under it.
Sam:" So you wanna battle! Bring it on, you got thirteen angry pokemon against you! Lets do this! "
Blitz: " You and your "friends" did this to Sam! I am going to mess up your face so badly, nobody would recognize it! "
Sam: " Blitz, you can talk? "
Blitz: " Well, you can understand pokemon now. "
Sam: " Oh, yeah. "
Blitz : " Now lets teach this traitor a lesson he won't forget! "
Blitz charged his Blast Burn, Coconut readied Solarbeam, Void and Shadow prepared Dark Pulse, Iceberg charged Sheer Cold, and I managed to find out how to work Luster Purge.
Sam: " Oh, yeah, you said something about conquering Hoenn, Johto, and Sinnoh, and this region, and you have Kanto and Unova under your control. You forgot one. Kalos. How do I know? I READ YO MIND "
By Lettucecow
#68725 [why are you deleting all your posts lol, btw u like my new avatar?]

Go everybody! Lets defeat this jerk!