By Waterboyr
#68024 "NO! Minun!"
Suddenly a voice comes over the intercom.
"I can tell your holding back because your friends... But it's time."
I say, "Okay... So um it was nice traveling with you... but I was using you the whole time to get my real goals. Our real goals."
All around the room lights turn on revealing railings and more areas. All filled with Team Rocket members spectating the battle.
"And now.. it's time for you to go to sleep!"
I send out my prize pokemon...
"Darkrai use Dark Void!"
To your eyes and armaldo's a giant triangular void opens up in the floor and sucks in you but nothing else.
Then you hear, "Darkrai, use Nightmare."

In real life, you an armaldo all to the ground beat.
"Sorry boss... If I face him again I won't hold back... Anyways shall we proceed our plan?"

In your nightmare you have a memory...

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By Umbreon1110
#68129 Blitz continued to Blast Burn the door until part of it melted. Hydra then used Tri Attack on it, followed by Iceberg's Hydro pump, and Shadow n' Void used Dark pulse, and Coconut used Sky Attack. TH door finally broke down, and all six of them flooded in. Blitz noticed that lettucecow [Forgot r name :P] was asleep, so he wake-up-slapped him.
The rest of the team went near Tsubasa, and they all looked paniced, all trying to commnicate to him.
Umbreon's rings began to glow...
By Lettucecow
#68185 [I \'m having the nightmare] OH NO! NO MORE WAFFLES! OH CRAP! NO SYRUP! NO PANCAKES! WHY AM I WATCHING MY LITTLE PONYTA????AHHHHHH! [Sam slaps me awake] Oh god thanks! I was having a terrible nightmare! Wait a minute...[I turn to tsubasa] You are a JERK! You were just using me the whole time! You do NOT like me when I'm mad trust me! SAM! Help me beat this traitor up!
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By Umbreon1110
#68208 ( Im not here right now. I got injured during V. Road, and got taken to the "hospital". and now my pokemon ( Whom were left behind for a reason) are in the room. THEY ARE TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING. xD )

Blitz ad Hydra turned to Tsubasa and the rest of the reckets, and started growling, while Iceberg and Coconut watched the exit. Void was sneaking around behind Tsubaa. Shadow ( Umbreon ) ran over to Lettucecow [I forgot ur name], and began to use telekenisis, which is basically like telepathy.
Shadow ( Telepathy ): " Can you hear me? Well we got a 911 emergency here. Its about our trainer. He's in danger. Didn't you hear the ambulance sirens? We'll explain later. We can either go after Sam, or take on this traitor. "
Shadow cut off the telepathy and turned to Tsubasa, and began growling, along with Blitz, Hydra, Iceberg, Void, and Coconut.
By Lettucecow
#68243 I got a better idea we can do both.....Go lax! SNOR! You want a treat? SNORE! GO GET IT! [I throw the treat on tsubasa's feet] He stole your treat lax! Go get him! SNOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Lax gets enraged and starts running towards tsubasa] Now lets go get sam! I'm sure lax and tsubasa are going to have a wonderful time together!
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By Umbreon1110
#68247 Shadow: " Well someone is going to get body slammed. Anyways, lets go. "
Shadow signaled to the other pokemon, and they made their way out. Shadow began sniffing a bit
Shadow: " They went this way. "
By Lettucecow
#68251 alright lets go! [I glance back at snorlax and see him sleeping ontop of tsubasa] oooooh that has to hurt.
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By Umbreon1110
#68257 Blitz and Void chuckled a bit. Then, they all went following the trail.
*a bit later*
Shadow stopped, and sniffed the ground.
Shadow: " The scent stops here. Maybe.. "
Shadow used Dig on the ground, and blitz followed. Umbreon and Blitz leaped back up, and Blitz Flamethrowered down the hole
Shadow: " There was a metal door shown there. Flamethrower should of melted it. Lets go! "


I opened my eyes slightly, but my vision was blurred... But I could see that it was some testing facility.. My arms and legs were pinned down, and I felt weak... A large R was on a nearby wall. I saw a figure loom above me.
Sam: " What.. do you.. want from me.. "
???: " It's complex. But we want you. "
Sam: "... Wha... "
The figure went away and a mechanical claw holding a filled syringe came out of the ceiling. I closed my eyes as it came closer to me. Then, I heard a nearby explosion, but the liquid had already been injected into my arm.
???: " Argh, bring him to the machine. "
???: " Yes Sir. "
I felt someone drag me, and I was being dragged, but I was too weak to do anything... Then I blacked out
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By Umbreon1110
#68310 Shadow: " I really have no idea. But I could of sworn I heard Sam's voice beyond the door. I have sensitive ears, being a pokemon. Oh, and there was a big R on the door so i'm guessing Team Rocket took him captive. But why? "
Noises of zapping are heard underground...