By Lettucecow
#56773 Okay its back guys! lets just start where we left off!

By Lettucecow
#56775 [We were taking on the water gym for the 8th badge I think, and we just stopped team volt]
By Waterboyr
#56912 "Okay.. whew glad that's over. Lets go to the gym now."

Wow they actually beat Team Volt. I destroyed them and used these people to get to them, while completing everything and learning using them. Killed two birds with one stone.

"Plusle Minun! Lets go!"

I wonder what they would think if they saw my real power. When I tell my pokemon to try as hard as possible. Hm. So I think the legendries are free. Better tell the trio to catch Zapdos. I'll call them after the battle when the others aren't looking.
By Lettucecow
#56918 [I walk into the gym and start the battle] A challenger? Lets begin! Go bro! Politoad show them how to battle! Use ice beam! [it freezes bro solid] OH NO! now...use hydro pump! [It breaks the ice and knocks bro back into the wall and does MASSIVE damage] Bro! Get up! Scept......tile... [Suddenly vines shot out from under the ground and ko'd politoad] What the... did you learn frenzy plant? Scept! Yes! Go milotic! Use ice beam! DODGE IT!!! [Bro dodged it] Now use leaf blade! [It slashes milotic] Don't give up use hydro pump! [It knocks bro back] Solarbeam! [It hits milotic and does massive damage] Now mirror coat! [It knocks bro out] Go spook!Use thunder! Milotic dodge it then use hydro pump! [It hits spook] Now use shadow ball! [It hits milotic] Now use thunder!!!!!! [It shocks milotic and knocks it out] Its not over! Go kingdra! Use dragon pulse! OH NO SPOOK! [It hits and ko's spook] Ugh... Go salsa! Use energy ball! Kingdra dodge it! Now use hydro pump! [it hits salsa] Don't give up! Use ice beam! [It freezes kingdra solid] NO! GREAT NOW USE DRAIN PUNCH! [It breaks the ice and hits kingdra into the wall then it falls ko'd] YES! WE DID IT! WE GOT THE 8TH BADGE! THE WATERFALL BADGE! YEAH!
By Waterboyr
#56924 I walk in and when I see the gym leader I freeze. Not this guy.
I walk out before anyone noticed I was there.
I use my pokegear to call her.
Me: It's him... Looker is the water gym leader!
???: What? Pretend you don't want this badge or already had it or make up something... just don't get involved with him. It'd ruin all of our plans and delay them for 2 years even.
Me: Understood. So you caught Moltres.
???: No, all three. Hm maybe you should go to Kanto. We still need the Pewter Badge which we haven't gotten yet. That can be your eighth badge.
Me: Okay I'll tell them we are going to Kanto.
By Waterboyr
#57237 I hear a crash. "What...?"

It came from the other side of the gym.

Then a roar.

"Could it be a tyranitar... no roar would've been more violent. Unless..."

"OH NO! GYARADOS! We are on a water themed island... Gyarados raging means more will come and will rage everywhere!"

I send a message telling everyone about how it might be a drgon type and possibly a gyarados through pokegear.

Then I hear a scream. And a big shadow appears.

I text: Scratch that ru