By CosmicCheese
#74495 Hey!

I'm Cosmic Cheese and I'm starting a video playthrough of the Pixelmon mod for Minecraft! I'm uploading a new video everyday and I'm trying to find and catch all of the pokemon the currently exist in the mod and pokemon released in future updates!

If you want to watch the first part of the series, you can WATCH IT HERE or below!


I'm super excited about the upcoming Pokemon X & Y versions and I'd like to ask all of you the following questions:

1) Which version of the game are you getting and why?
MY ANSWER: Pokemon Y Version; because most people will probably get Pokemon X version and I've always played the least popular version.

2) Which starter Pokemon do you think you'll pick?
MY ANSWER: Probably Chespin; because the fire starters are always over-picked and I don't like Froakie's design.

3) What is your favorite NON-LEGENDARY Pokemon?
MY ANSWER: Shuckle; because he's adorable and has a ridiculous defense stat, which I find interesting! (runners up are Breloom, Umbreon, Nidoking and Aggron)