By ApocolypticMew
#54122 I found Myself A Midget Hypno On WindJoe's Server, Here is a pic
2013-07-07_17.47.00.png (392.21 KiB) Viewed 338 times

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By Tom_X
#55411 Doesn't look that scary now....
By Lettucecow
#55412 Not really! Thankfully....
By Waterboyr
Tom_X wrote:Doesn't look that scary now....

Just what I was thinking...
By Lettucecow
#57024 Off-topic but nice sig waterboyr, who made it?
By Waterboyr
Lettucecow wrote:Off-topic but nice sig waterboyr, who made it?

I made it with GIMP. Took me a long time for I'm new to GIMP.
I even made the squirtle but the water gun thing I cropped.
By Lettucecow
#57186 Nice!