By deathpunchgodwin
#49799 Hey everyone my name is Tred
I have a Pixelmon Series and it is my most popular series.
But i know little about what i am doing
Please leave some critisim here are a few of my videos
Private World




Then my Online Series


Please Leave Critisim on my channel or on here i really need it

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By KuryoZT
#49851 the [youtube][/youtube] link doesn't work -_-
I'll edit them for you.
[Youtube] only needs the ID, not the full URL, the more you know.
Anyway, I edited a little, please tell me I didn't mess it up, I'd feel so bad. :(
And good luck.
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By SuperiorSnayke
#51950 hey im a small youtuber as well and i think your series is doing fine and i bet it is going better than mine by alot. (i dont have alot of views) but do me a favor and keep on producing videos and more and more people will find them on youtube.