By carefreegoose
#46866 Hey Guys i am starting to plan a youtube account doing a lets play on pixelmon but i want a partner to help set it up and do the lets play with i am 13 so i am looking for people around my age probally between 11 and 15 if you want to help please fill in this application

Any experience with youtube
experience with pixelmon
can you record
have you got a mic
are you entertaining
why do you want to do this
why should i pick you

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By retrefusions
#47043 Age 19
Any experience with youtube: 1,617 subs, Partnership, 285,000+ views, 110~videos name: Retrefusions
experience with pixelmon: some, but i know my pokemon
can you record: record and live stream
have you got a mic: yes, who doesn't?
are you entertaining: im better at duo then solo commentaries
why do you want to do this: its pixelmon nuff said.
why should i pick you: besides having fun and get famous while doing it. i dont know lol

p.s. i have a pixelmon server for a series in the making if you'd like to join and be a part of that i have another person also.

Hey, i cant message people yet so i have to post on here, but. add my on skype and maybe you can connect to my server and il show you it, then see where things go from their.

Skype:: [email protected]
By Megaw428
#48459 Age: 15
Any experience with youtube: a little bit yea
experience with pixelmon: building all the regions in a pixelmon map
can you record: i can try but no promises
have you got a mic: yes
are you entertaining: yes i am
why do you want to do this: seems interesting
why should i pick you: because the fame youtube fame has me a little interested and it seems like it could be fun
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By KuryoZT
carefreegoose wrote:this post is outdated dont post

What do you mean? Ya want me to lock it?