By Waterboyr
#48336 What... How did you even catch a flygon? Great Balls aren't supposed to be THAT great. :shock:

Um I'd suggest flying on your flygon and putting nidoran on your team for it's unstoppable when fully evolved. You can make potions to heal pokemon and yeah if you have any questions just ask and I'll answer!
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By KuryoZT
Waterboyr wrote:What... How did you even catch a flygon? Great Balls aren't supposed to be THAT great. :shock:

They just have lower catch rate than ultraball, chances to catach are lower, but they're still there, so if you get lucky, ya can even catch mew with a pokeball. It's pure numbers.
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By KuryoZT
#48371 Even at .1% chance, it can happen, sometimes will.
I don't know the actual percentage chance, and it got a kinda complicated formula, taking into account the rate for the poke, the ball, the health, the status, stuff like that.
It can happen, Mew, full health, no status, in a pokeball.
By Pattybigrig
#49195 haha yeah I was really lucky. :)

Waterboyr, new epic modded episode out, with part 2 comming later in the week.

Starting the mansion, I kinda decide near the end to finish up most of the walls and stuff off camera as it seems like it would be boring to watch, but hopefully these epsiodes are interesting. lemme know, always wanting to improve :)
By Pattybigrig
#50226 E05 out! Last part of that trip I took.

Looking for feedback on how I can make this series a bit more interesting.

What do you guys want to see? What should I change to make it better?

Lemme know! Im doin it for you guys, what you want to see is important.
By Pattybigrig
#58468 Well I have been trying to decided what Im gonna do with this series and I have decided to just keep trucking as I have been.

With the ability to add a pokecenter, towns arent far down the road, and thats when this series will start getting really exciting for lets plays in this mod.

Expect a new Pixelmon episode within the next week!